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Lucban Longganisa

Lucban Langgonisa
Credits @imryegacelos
Lucban Quezon Longganisa is a very in-demand garlicky sausage that came from the town of Lucban in Quezon Province. You could see locals making it and displayed in many parts of the town when you visit Lucban, Quezon. These sausage is so delicious because of the herbs and spices. Make your own today.
Lucban Quezon Longganisa is popular for its aromatic and garlic smell. It is made from ground pork mixed with herbs and lots of garlic. These longganisa is best paired  with Sinangag rice and fried egg with a vinegar dipping sauce for added taste. This combo meal is popularly known as Long-Si-Log or Lucban-Si-Log

Cooking Notes: You can buy spanish paprika at any online store or at SM supermarket, condiment section. Spanish paprika have some woody or smoky kind of flavor that adds a good taste and flavor to any longganisa. 

Lucban Longganisa

1 kilogram ground pork belly, lean meat
4 tablespoon garlic, finely minced
2 tablespoons of fresh oregano, minced
½  cup Mama Sita’s Cane vinegar
2 tablespoon rock salt** 
2 ½ tablespoon Spanish paprika*
2 tablespoon black pepper
Pork intestines, thoroughly cleaned with 
Cane vinegar

**Please adjust base on your salt preference, we used a standard spoon measurement (leveled) and not the heaping tablespoon used for eating.

1. In a large bowl, add all the listed ingredients and mix it well. Let it stand for one hour to marinate (room temperature).
2. Soak the pork intestines in warm water (sausage casings) to soften, drain after.
3. To remove the smelly odor of the intestine, just pour cane vinegar inside each pork intestine. This will also help wash off any residue and clean the inside of the sausage casing.
4. Using embudo (funnel), fill each sausage casing with lucban quezon longganisa mixture then tie in between to make sausage links.
5. Let it cool inside the refrigerator for 12 hours. Then you can transfer the lucban quezon longganisa in the freezer afterwards to prolong shelf life.
6. How to fry Lucban Quezon Longganisa: On a heated pan, with no water or oil. Fry lucban longganisa over lowest heat. Use a toothpick and prick each longganisa to let the flavors of garlic come out (or by using the edge of a knife). Let the longganisa render on it’s own oil as it cooks.
7. Serve it toasted and hot with slices of fresh tomatoes, fried egg and fried rice. Enjoy!
Paano gumawa ng Longganisang Lucban
Paano gumawa ng Longganisang Lucban

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