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What is Lye Water (Lihiya)


What is Lye Water in Cooking?

If you can’t find Lye water in your place and you’re looking everywhere just to find one. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Lol

In this discussion, I will answer all your question in layman’s terms plus a couple of pictures to guide you and possibly where to buy it.

Lihiya in Tagalog, it is a liquid solution that originated in China. If you notice, you only need to add a little amount of lye to make your kutchinta recipe, pichi pichi, mooncake, suman sa lihiya and lomi noodles. The lye solution turns the mixture to become gummy in texture (slightly elastic or chewy). This is what makes kutchinta different from other kakanin’s.

Where can I buy Lye/Lihia water?

You can buy it in palengkeng bayan if you’re in Philippines. For other countries you can buy it in asian stores, or Filipino Online stores near your area. You can also buy it in Lazada Philippines for Cash on Delivery Payment Nationwide

How to make your own Lye Water Solution:

Lye Water, Lihiya, Lihia, Kansui. Alkaline water, lye
Homemade Lye Water –
Homemade Lye Water using baking Soda, Store it in airtight bottles.
Green Leaves Lye Water
Order Cash On Delivery (Philippines)➡Green Leaves Lye Water
Lihia Water by Bernadeth Asian Store in Hörby, Sweden
Pamana Lye Water – Photo by julie_van_winkle
Lye Water, Where to buy online
Lihia – Photo by Reem Lutong Bahay, Jedah Saudi

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