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How to Make Polvoron for Business

Polvoron..from Goldilocks are one of my favorites! Especially the Classic flavor, pinipig, cashew or ube flavor. homemade polvoron goodies are one of the best snack I love since childhood.

When was the last time you had these homemade goodies in the Philippines? Why not make your own today and reminisce on the good old days.. Anyway, these are so easy to make.



1 1/2 cups powdered milk ( Anchor or Nido)
2 cups all purpose flour (toasted)
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup melted butter (Alternatives: Lard or margarine)

*You may use some part of skimmed milk to your mixture but leave some for powdered milk to maintain its creamy taste.


1.) In a pan, cook the flour until slightly toasted or brownish in color. Remove from heat. Let it cool.

2.) If you have a microwave or use a pan over lowest heat possible, melt the butter until it turns into oil. Make sure to just melt it and don’t overcook it, once there are tiny bubbles you can turn off heat immediately. Set aside.

3.) In a large mixing bowl,mix powdered milk, sugar and toasted flour.

4.) Pour the melted butter and stir until well combined. Make sure you break the lumps while stirring the mixture.

5.) You may divide polvoron at this stage into different bowls, if you want to add other flavors (2 tbsp of each like pinipig, peanuts, cashew, ube powder, crushed oreos etc.).

6.) Start Moulding: Press the mould in the Polvoron mixture till you have filled up the cavity, it’s okay that it is overflowing a bit.

7.) Use a plate and press the mould to make the mixture more compacted.

8.) Push and eject polvoron to release. If it is still sticking to the flat metal plate, slowly hold the sides of the Polvoron with your thumb and forefinger to move it slightly, it should release itself.

9.) Prepare a set of cellophane wrappers to wrap each Polvoron or wrap it with japanese paper for a more colorful variety.

10.) Serve, share and Enjoy!

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