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Buko Pandan Ice Candy

Buko Pandan Ice Candy
Buko Pandan Ice Candy
Buko Pandan Ice Candy – Beat the heat with your favorite salad dessert, now in Ice Candy version! You may also try our best seller Mango Grahams Ice Candy.

Buko Pandan Ice Candy

• 1 sachet Gulaman/Jelly Powder (Buko Pandan Flavor)
• 1.5 liters water
• ¼ – ½ kg sugar (as desired)
• ¾ cup fresh milk
• 1 cup coconut meat (shredded)
• 1 can condensed milk

1. In a large pot, dissolve gulaman powder in water and add sugar.
2. Place mixture into heat, mix thoroughly and let it boil.
3. Turn of heat as soon as it boils, then transfer into square mold and let it cool.
4. Once the gulaman are firm, slice gulaman into cubes and set aside.
5. In a large pot, combine fresh milk, coconut meat and condensed milk.
6. Add sliced gulaman into milk mixture and mix thoroughly. Use a funnel and start packing with each ice candy bags.
7. Freeze overnight and sell it in the morning. Enjoy!


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