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Spicy Adobong Mani (Fried Peanuts with Toasted Garlic)


Spicy Adobong mani or Fried peanuts with lots of garlic and cayenne pepper is too far from the Adobo we all know. These peanuts (mani) are not stewed in soy sauce and vinegar but fried with lots of garlic. The more garlic you add the better it taste. It’s probably called adobong mani because of the hefty toasted garlic in it. I just love munching it with lots of toasted garlic.

Filipinos loves to munch these street food mani specially when travelling a long road to province. Vendors will normally climb each bus to sell mani while the bus conductor awaits for more passengers to fill the vacant seats. Cook it today, your own homemade spicy adobong mani, some people are even selling it in small plastic tubs for business. Who knows, this could be a sucessful business you’ve been waiting for.Β Enjoy and happy cooking!

Spicy Adobong Mani

(Fried Peanuts with Toasted Garlic)

1 kilo raw shelled peanuts
2 heads garlic, crushed or sliced thinly and peel skin
2-3 teaspoon Fine Salt
2-3 cups Canola cooking oil
2-5 pieces Siling labuyo (optional)
pinch of sugar


In large pan or wok, pour the Canola cooking oil and heat over medium fire.

Once the oil is hot, add garlic and fry until the color turns golden brown but not toasted. Adjust heat to low. Set aside.

Once garlic becomes golden in color, add the peanuts and fry it for 15 minutes. Constantly stir the peanuts, to even out cooking. Just make an allowance for residual heat and do not wait for the peanuts to be golden brown before removing it from oil.

Once cooked, turn off heat and remove peanuts from the frying pan. Drain excess oil with a metal strainer.

Transfer the peanuts in a large mixing bowl and season with generous salt and a pinch of sugar.

Add chopped siling labuyo (or cayenne pepper).Toss until well combined.



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Spicy Adobong Mani (Fried Peanuts with Toasted Garlic)
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