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How to make Pan Fried Dumplings

How to make Pan Fried Dumplings
How to make Pan Fried Dumplings

How to make Pan Fried Dumplings is a simple easy to make recipe for anyone who’s on the go. I love dumplings recipe. It’s so yummy and tasty finger food.

How to make Pan Fried Dumplings

Plain Flour 300g
pinch of salt
oil 10g
Hot water 100g (abt 90C)
cold water 100g +/-

Minced Pork 350g
Sesame Oil
Pepper / Salt
Chicken Broth
White Cabbage
Ginger juice


For the wrapper:
1) Combine flour, salt and oil, then pour hot water, use chopstick to mix ingredients
2) Next, add cold water and knead to form a smooth dough.
3) Rest the dough about 30 minutes
4) I use round cutter to cut the shape or you may divide dough to small pieces and flatten it.

For the filling:
– Use fork to mix all ingredints, slowly add chicken broth and mix until the meat sticky, then add chives, cabbage and ginger juice and mix.

Once all fillings are wrapped, prepare a large pan, and heat a cooking oil and fry your dumplings.

For the dipping sauce, you can mix soy sauce and calamansi juice. Enjoy!

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