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Inubaran na Manok sa Gata


Inubarang Manok sa Gata

Inubaran na Manok sa Gata – is a chicken stewed in coconut milk with ubad or ubod ingredient and libas leaves as a souring agent.

Ubod is another term for banana pith. While ubad is an Ilonggo dialect for ubod.

Anu nga ba ang ubad? Ang ubad po ay ilonggo dialect. Nakakita ka na ba ng puno ng saging? Pagpinutol mo yung puno makikita mo yung pinaka puti sa loob ng puno nong saging tanggalan mo tapos. Pag nakuha mo na yung pinakamalambot na parte ng puno nong saging yun yung tinatawag na ubad or ubod nang saging.

“Ubad, amo na siya ang pinaka-innermost (pinaka-sulod) portion sang lawas sang isa gid ka puno sang saging. Mahumok ina nga parte sang saging.”

Inubaran na Manok sa Gata


1 whole chicken chopped (preferably “native” free range chicken)
2 cups Ubod or Ubad ng saging (pith of banana)
Libas (a leaf that is used for a souring agent)
2 stalk Tanglad, tie in a knot (Lemongrass)
2 cups Coconut milk
Ginger, Garlic and Onion
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mama’s Guide Instructions :

Slice ubad tube and sprinkle salt. Wash it with water, squeezed out juice and gently rub with palm to remove the fibers. Set aside

Sautee the chicken in garlic, ginger and onion
Add chicken broth or water enough to cover the chicken until meat is soft
Halfway on the cooking process of the chicken add the ubad and the lemongrass
Three quarters of the way add the libas and half of the coconut milk
Once chicken is tender, add the remaining coconut milk
add salt and pepper to taste

Serve Hot and Enjoy with your favorite grilled food!

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