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Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)

Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)
Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)

Santan (Coco Jam with Pili Nuts)

A sweet recipe that came from the province of Bicol Region. This recipe is a perfect dessert on its own, or as a spread on rice-based snacks (kakanin) or just plain bread. Made from rich coconut milk and raw sugar (Kalamay or Panutsa) reduced through a slow simmer.
This Santan recipe is not referring to the Santan flower. But is a bicolano language. It’s a coconut jam mixed with lots of fresh pili nuts. Once you taste, you can’t help but taste it over and over again. Addictingly delicious.
You can serve it as bread fillings or bread spread and dessert on a simple family bonding time. Full of sweetness.
Panutsa (Sinakob, Panotcha, Tagapulot, Sugarcane Mollases)
Panutsa (Sinakob, Panotcha, Tagapulot, Sugarcane Mollases)



2 pcs panocha (hugis bao na panutsa)
4 cups fresh coconut milk
2 cups pili nuts,
Pinch of salt


  1. Peel off the skin of each pili nuts and discard the skin. In a small sauce pot, pour enough water and boil the pili nuts to cook.
  2. Meanwhile, break the panocha into small pieces. Transfer into a pan and melt the panocha pieces with fresh coconut milk over medium to low heat. Keep on stirring the milk and don’t let it scorch.
  3. Let its simmer until the coco jam is thicker and set. Toss in the pili nuts, sprinkle a pinch of salt and let it cook for a minute. Continue mixing it well. Then, turn off heat.
  4. Let it cool until the jam is set or becomes thick. You can transfer it into sterilized bottles and cover it tightly for longer shelf life.


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