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Triple Chocolate Champorado with Ice cream

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Triple Chocolate Champorado with Ice Cream! Do I need to say more? It’s everything you ever wanted in one snack. Your favorite comfort food just got better and better..

If you are a chocolate lover, this triple chocolate champorado with Ice cream is everything in one! Got some loads of extra dark chocolates and chocolate chips? Then, why not cook this Triple Chocolate Champorado and top it with a scoop of your favorite Ice cream. Indulge..

Triple Chocolate Champorado with Ice Cream

Servings: 5

2 cups glutinous rice malagkit bigas
8 ½  cups of water
10 tablespoon cocoa powder I use Starbucks  cocoa powder
½ cup chocolate chips, (or grated chocolate bar)
½ cup dark chocolate chips, chopped
Pinch of salt
Scoops of Sundae or Ice Cream, any flavor

*adjust sugar only if needed because the chocolate chips are already sweet

In a saucepan, put the rice, cocoa powder, chocolate chips sugar and water. Stir together to dissolve cocoa powder and sugar. Turn on heat and let mixture boil. Constant stirring is required to prevent rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan and for the rice grains not to stick together.

Upon boiling, reduce heat to simmer. Continue stirring. It is cooked when the texture has thickened and the rice grains have plumped up.

Season with pinch salt mix well. Remove from heat and add your dark chocolate chips.

Serve hot with a scoop of your favorite Sundae or ice cream.

Optional: tuyo or salted egg  on the side (itlog Maalat).

Happy cooking and enjoy!


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Triple Chocolate Champorado with Ice cream
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