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Homemade Fresh Mango Iced Tea


Homemade Fresh Mango Iced Tea

Homemade Fresh Mango Iced Tea

Avoid drinking too much ready made Ice tea. Why not make some fresh homemade drinks that is healthy for the body?

“Instant iced tea is lacking in nutrition and antioxidants, it makes up for in potential dangers. Researchers have found these commercial drinks may contain, Fluoride, artificial sweeteners and the potentially dangerous preservative BHT.” -organic authority

Ironically, the local brands that we thought are healthy are in fact full of preservatives and food additives. I checked each label of every drink I bought and discovered a lot of surprising ingredients. I hope moms will be extra careful in giving it to your little ones. Our little ones have younger gut and absorbing these chemicals might have long term effect to their health.

Homemade Fresh Mango Iced Tea

2 quarts of water, divided
2 ripe mangoes, peeled and sliced (or 2 cups mango nectar)
1-3 teaspoons honey or sugar
4-8 tea bags of your favorite black or green tea
Liquid stevia, (alternatively honey or sugar)


In a medium-sized pot, heat 1 quart of water and the mango and bring to a boil.

Add 1-3 teaspoons honey or sugar to draw out sweetness in fruit.

Simmer for about five minutes.

Mash the mango in the water and add the tea bags.

Allow tea to steep for 5-10 minutes.

Strain tea into a 1/2 gallon jar or pitcher.

Add a quart of water.

Stir in stevia, honey or sugar to desired taste.

Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

Serve over ice.

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