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Kilayin ng Kapampangan

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Kilayin Recipe
Kilayin ng kapampangan is an original and one of the best recipes in Pampanga. Also known as kilawin of kapampangan.
Kilayin is a dish made from Pork, lungs, liver, cooked in vinegar, patis and generously seasoned with crushed black pepper.
The secret to a ridiculously delicious kilayin is finely chopped pork lungs fried to a crisp then added to the pan in the last minute of cooking. It gives the recipe that unique flavor and texture that would make you want to go for another batch of rice in your plate.
Just be careful though when frying pork lungs. Because frying lungs is a risky business; the hot oil splatters, crackles, and some bits may pop. So don’t forget to bring a shield and cover the pan for safety.



½ kilogram laman (pork meat)
¼ kilogram liempo (pork)
¼ kilogram pork liver
¼ kilogram pork lungs (baga), finely chopped/minced
½ cup vinegar, divided (¼ cup for marinade and remaining for cooking)
5 cloves garlic, chopped
2 pieces onion, chopped
2 pieces siling haba (long green chili peppers)
1 dahon ng laurel (bay leaves)
2 tablespoon patis (fish sauce)
Ground pepper (pamintang durog)
cooking oil
½ cup water


MarinationIn a bowl, marinate pork liver with ¼ cup vinegar and let it stand for 30 minutes or longer. Set aside.

In a large pan, heat oil and add minced lungs.  Fry it until it becomes crispy. Frying lungs can be a risky business. Be careful when frying these minced lungs because oil may splatter, so it is safe to use a pan cover. Transfer crispy fried lungs into a bowl and set it aside for the last minute of cooking.

In the same pan, add oil to sautè garlic and onions. Let it cook until fragrant and onions becomes soft. Add pork liempo and pork meat and continue to fry for about 10 minutes or until golden brown in color. Season with patis and generous amount of ground pepper. Mix and toss it well.

Pour in water and ¼ cup vinegar, let it cook but do not stir the vinegar until it boils. Add siling haba and dahon ng laurel. Simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes until meat becomes tender.

Then discard vinegar from the marinated liver and add it to the simmering pan. Let it cook for additional 15 minutes. Finally, add back the crispy fried minced lungs and toss it until just combined. Season with salt and pepper according to taste preference.

Serve it hot and enjoy!

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Credits: @frelyncooks

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