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Sinamak Ingredients (Spiced Vinegar)

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Sinamak ingredients is a concoction of vinegar (from coconut; fermented in a glass or jar). This is use to add flavor and spice to most dishes. This condiment derived its appealing taste from several spices that were combined and soaked in vinegar for several days to several weeks.

Sinamak is a Hiligaynon (Ilonggo language widely used in western Visayas and other parts of Mindanao specially in Cotabato) term for spicy vinegar. Sinamak is famous spiced vinegar from Iloilo that is easy to make at home and a very good business idea you can venture at home. 

Best use for grilled fish, pork, beef and other seafood, dangit or daing (dried fish), chicharon and kropek! Sarap talaga (definitely delicious), best sawsawan ever. Happy cooking!

How to make Homemade Sinamak
(Iloilo Spiced Vinegar)

2-3 cups coconut vinegar (or regular vinegar)
1 cup siling labuyo (thai chilies or cayenne pepper)
1/2 cup ginger, peel & sliced in strips
2 heads garlic, peeled & sliced in strips (the more the better)
Whole peppercorns,
1 onion, chopped (optional)
Pinch of salt
Clean Glass Bottle (sterilized)

In a clean glass bottle (preferably sterilized), insert ginger, garlic, onions and labuyo.
Using a funnel, pour in the vinegar and add pinch of salt, then tightly cover the bottle. Store for at least 3 days, the longer the the spicier the vinegar will become.

Serve as condiments for fried or grilled and seafoods, meat dishes and chicken inasal. Enjoy!

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Sinamak Ingredients (Spiced Vinegar)
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