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Tangzhong Recipe (The Secret for Softer Bread)

Tangzhong Recipe (The Secret for Softer Bread)
Credits Little Kitchen Housewife

What is tangzhong?

It is like the “secret ingredient” which originated from Japan. It makes the bread soft and bouncy. It’s a kind of “flour paste” or water roux starter. To make a flour paste, cook 1 part of bread flour in 5 parts of water to 65°C.

Its all natural and easy to make. The Chinese bakers has been amazed about this bread making method ever since and bakers have learned to adapt it too.

How it works?

How does tangzhong (flour paste) work so that it can produce fluffy bread and stay soft for many days? You just add it with your favorite bread recipe (add the tangzhong with the wet ingredients)

According to experts: “At 65°C, the gluten in the flour and water mixture would absorb the moisture and become leavened. When it is added into other ingredients of the bread, the bread dough will be heightened and produces softer bread.”



  • 50 grams Bread Flour (¼ cup)
  • 250 ml Cool Water (can be replaced by milk )


  1. In a small shallow pot, stir flour in water and mix it well with a whisk without leaving lumps. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly to prevent scorching at the bottom and sticking in the pan.
  2. Once the mixture becomes thick and the whisk or spoon leaves a trail as you mix it. It means you finally achieved a perfect Tangzhong. Turn off heat and remove pot.
  3. Transfer your flour paste (tangzhong) into a bowl with cling wrap. Make sure to film it right on the surface of the Tangzhong to avoid drying up. Let cool.

Cooking Notes:

  • The tangzhong can be used right away once it cools down to room temperature.
  • Just measure out the amount you need. The leftover tangzhong can be stored in fridge up to a few days as long as it doesn’t turn grey.
  • If it turns grayish, discard and cook a new one.
  • Remember: The chilled tangzhong should return to room temperature before using into bread recipe.
  • You can add in at any bread you like for about 100-120 grams (about half of the recipe above). The only thing you need to reduce is milk or water (the measurement you need to adjust by yourself). When you add in milk or water, you need to add it little by little.


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