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Laoya ng Marikina

Laoya ng Marikina
Laoya Ng Marikina

Laoya ng Marikina is just like Nilagang baka but the taste is slightly sweet compared to regular nilagang baka. There is some added twist like atsuete and other ingredients that makes this recipe delicious. You have to try this recipe, its a level up version of Nilagang baka we all know.

There are various versions of Lauya or Laoya from different provinces around the Philippines. This version of Laoya is from the natives of San Roque, Marikina. However, Laguna and Rizal also cooks the same recipe version.

Another version of Laoya is in Iloilo where they use “Pata ng Baboy”. While Lauya in Samar is boiled Pork bones with Dahon ng luyang dilaw or others will use dahon ng bayabas according to some natives.

Laoyang Negros is made of pork cubes or ground pork sauteed in onions, garlic, ginger and boiled with spring onions. Too many to mention. But you have to try this native Laoya Marikina recipe. Enjoy!

Laoya List of Ingredients



  • 2 Kilograms Cut-up beef, kenchi (kalitiran) and bulalo
  • 1 teaspoon whole pepper kernel
  • 1 clove garlic, sliced thinly
  • 2 medium onions, quartered
  • 1 stalk of leeks, cut in 2 inch length
  • 1 pc chorizo de bilbao, sliced into 4 diagonally
  • ¼ cup achuete extract
  • 2 pcs yellow camote, quartered
  • 4-6 pcs saging na saba, cut diagonally halved
  • 1-2 tablespoon sugar
  • salt
  • 1 tablespoon ground peanuts (optional)
  • 1 cabbage, quartered
  • 1 bundle pechay tagalog
  • baguio beans, sliced
  • enough water for boiling


  1. In a deep soup pot, add enough water and prepare the cut-up beef, kenchi (or “kalitiran”) and bulalo. Place on stove and turn on heat. Let boil. Add 2 tbsp salt and maintain simmering point. Check on tenderness from time to time.
  2. Add prepared 1 tsp whole pepper kernel,sliced peeled garlic thinly (1 clove), 2 bulbs med onion, peeled and quartered, 1 big stalk of leeks, cut into 2 inch lengths, 1 pc chorizo de bilbao, cut into vertical half and cut diagonally (4 pcs.) and about ¼ cup atchuwete extracts.
  3. Add  2 pieces yellow camote,quartered and 4-6 pieces banana plantains or saba, cut diagonally halved. Add about 1- 2 tablespoon sugar.
  4. Continue simmering until desired tenderness is reached. Season salt to taste.
  5. You may add some ground peanuts with the spices and condiments, if desired.
  6. Add veggies at the last, quartered cabbage, pechay tagalog, cut baguio beans. Should be crisp and not so cooked.
  7. Served it hot with patis and calamansi on the side or Ensaladang talong. Enjoy!

Notes: (Traditional Process of Laoya)

Wrap spices and condiments in white cotton cloth,tied and immersed in boiling water, while meat is being tenderized.Add peanuts, eggplant and sitaw (tied together).


Credits: @teacher_ana_7 and Avelina Cruz Santos