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Kinalas Recipe

Kinalas Recipe
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One of the best dish in Naga City – Kinalas! A combination of Noodles in broth with shredded beef scraped from the bones and the trade secret Kinalas Sauce!
Kinalas is a famous Bicol noodles recipe just like mami. The simple preparation is to cook noodles and garnished the soup noodles with scraped meat from pork or beef’s head and other parts. It is top with a thickened deep-brown sauce from the brains of a cow or pig. The dish is further seasoned with simple spices (lots of sili and pepper) and served in hot broth with boiled egg.

The word “kalas” is the root word of “hinglas – hiningalas” and is a term purely referring to meat preparation going back to 16th century Bicol as according to Lisboa’s bicol dictionary.
The preparation basically starts with boiling the skinned cows head or other parts of cow with bones for 4-6 hours. Once very tender, scraped down the meat from the bones (kinalas na laman ng baka) and the beef broth is also used to make the soup really tasty. Traditionally they use cows brain to thicken the Kinalas sauce but alternatively you can follow the ingredients listed below if cows brain is not available.



1 cup of steamed yellow pancit noodles
1 ½ cup of bulalo stock
scraped kinalas or beef
1 teaspoon of diced garlic chips, sautéed
spring onions, chopped
boiled eggs
siling labuyo
sliced calamansi,upon serving

For Kinalas Sauce:
1 cup all purpose flour 
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp sesame seed oil
4 tbsp hibi or shrimp broth
1 tbsp ginisa flavor mix
5 cups water
2 kutsara patis (fish sauce)


1. Prepare the steamed pancit noodles in a bowl. Set aside. 

2. Boil the bulalo stock using beef buto-buto (ribs and legs) and add salt, pepper and other condiments to taste.

3. Cut meat from the beef parts boiled in the stock and put meat on top of bulalo.

4. Pour 1 ½ cup of the stock over pancit. Add egg on top. Pour one to two teaspoon of the kinalas sauce in bowl. Top with diced spring onions and garlic for added taste. Serve hot and enjoy!

5. (For Kinalas Sauce): Brown all purpose flour in a pan.Remove and mix with rest of the ingredients. When flour has dissolved, put back in pan under low heat and mix until sauce thickens.

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