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Maja Jelly Recipe


Jelly Maja Recipe

This Maja Jelly recipe is so delicious specially with lots of grated cheese on top (garnish). It is like Maja but finer in texture compared to original Maja blanca. It really mimics the Maja blanca but with finesse.

The jelly texture makes it perfect and finer in taste. So it taste like Maja but its made of jelly. Kids will surely enjoy this dessert. Sell it in tubs to earn an extra income in your neighborhood too. It’s a sure hit!

This Maja Jelly recipe is very jiggly and if you want it less jiggly, just reduced the water from 10 cups to 8 cups. Please note that every cup of liquid is equals to 8 oz.

Use large shallow pot, (malaking kaldero at malalim). If using a medium size pot, just use half of the listed ingredients in the recipe.

I would also like to thank Mama’s Guide Recipes (Official Group) for this recipe. It became trending for so many days now that I don’t know who to credit. So thank you to all the members who shared and adapted the recipe. Happy Cooking!

Maja Jelly Recipe



Yield: 8-10 tubs

10 cups water (8 oz. per cup)
2 packs Mr Gulaman unflavored (yellow)
1 can big evaporated milk (400ml)
1 can Alaska condensed milk (yellow label)
1 bar processed cheese, grated (Quezo)
1 cup sugar
1 can Cream of Corn, I used Jolly
5 tablespoon cornstarch (dissolve in ½ cup water)

pinch of salt


In a large pot, pour in 10 cups lukewarm water (not hot and not cold) and dissolve two sachet of Mr Gulaman powder. Stir it well until fully dissolve.

Place the pot on stove and let it boil over medium to low heat.

Note: Make sure to use a soup pot or shallow pot to avoid over pour when it starts to boil. Make sure there is enough space.

As it starts to boil, add cream of corn, sugar, evaporated, condensed milk and pinch of salt.

Continue to stir until well blended. Simmer for about 2-3 minutes.

Add cornstarch mixture, stir and continue to simmer over low heat until slightly thickened in texture for about 10-20 minutes. Don’t worry if it doesn’t become so thick like the maja blanca. The mixture will harden as it cools because of the gulaman.

Transfer the mixture into your favorite shaped containers and let it cool first.

Onced cooled, I placed it in the fridge to cool and to harden more like any gelatine would for about 1-2 hours to let it set.

Unmold in a plate if preffered or serve it as it is with grated cheese on top.

Serve and enjoy!

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Recipe Credits:

Mama’s Guide Recipes (Official Group)