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Cheesy Shrimp

This Cheesy Shrimp recipe is so delicious and tasty because of the cheese. The whole family and the kids will love this simple and easy recipe!



1 kilo suaheng hipon, balatan at tangalin ang ulo
2 kutsara butter
4 na butil ng bawang (tadtarin)
1 piraso sibuyas (hiwain ng pino)
3 tbsp banana catsup
1/2 tasa tomato sauce
1 tasa keso (ginadgad)
Chili sauce                      

Painitan ang kawali bago ilagay ang hipon. Asinan at takpan hanggang sa maging pinkish ang hipon (1 minute lamang, huwag iovercooked para hindi lumiit at maging parang goma ang texture ng hipon). Hanguin at itabi.

Igisa ang bawang at sibuyas sa butter bago isangkutsa ang hipon. Timplahan ng asin at paminta.

Lagyan ng banana catsup at ginadgad na keso.

Haluin hanggang lumapot ang sarsa at kumulo.

Serve and enjoy with your favorite toasted garlic bread!

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