Kinilaw na Puso ng Saging with Sotanghon


Kinilaw na Puso ng Saging with Sotanghon

Kinilaw na Puso ng Saging with Sotanghon, ay simpleng lutong pancit sotanghon na sinahugan ng kinilaw na puso ng saging with toasted garlic!

Kinilaw na Puso ng Saging with Sotanghon & Toasted Garlic

(Banana Blossom with Glass Noodles)


1 piece of medium sized banana heart
4 cups of water
1/3 cup of salt
1 piece of medium onion (chopped)
1 piece of medium tomato (sliced)
3 pieces of garlic cloves
4-5 piece of siling labuyo (thai bird chili)
¼ cup of vinegar
2 cups of sotanghon (glass noodles)
1/3 cup of pork (or ½ cup of shrimp)
add salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil
Toasted garlic, garnishing

Paano ihahanda ang sangkap na Puso ng saging.

1.) Para sa bagong pitas na puso ng saging, tangalin ang balat ng puso ng saging.
2.) Hiwain ito ng pahalang at maninipis.
3.) Ilagay ang mga hiniwang puso ng saging sa isang bowl at pigain ang juice or dagta at lagyan ng 2 kutsarang asin. Haluin.
4.) Hugasan ng tubig at pigain hangang sa matuyo..
5.) Isantabi muna.


1.) In a bowl, pour in water then add salt. Add your sliced or shredded banana blossom. Squeeze the banana blossoms in order to remove any remaining sap. Soak for 20 minutes . Squeeze it once more. Drain then set it aside.

2.) In the saute pan, pour a bit of cooking oil and heat it up. Add in the tomatoes, garlic and onion then sauté. Add the shrimp or pork (whichever you chose). Sauté over high heat. Continue doing so until the ingredients are cooked.

3.) Pour in the banana blossoms and siling labuyo. Stir it well.

4.) Pour in the vinegar and water. Allow it to boil. DO NOT stir.

5.) Allow it to boil until the banana blossoms become soft. If the water is not enough, you can add more. Season the mixture with salt and pepper.

6.) Once there is no liquid anymore in the pan, add in the sotanghon. Stir it well. Then remove pan from heat.

Best served with steamed rice. Enjoy!


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