This dessert is on fire! Bananas on fire is a classic French dessert. Great and must try for the coming family weekend treat that will make your family drool. Don’t worrt about the rum, you only get the flavor and not the alcohol. Alternatively, you may also use bourbon. Serve it ala mode with Vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

BANANAS ON FIRE (French Bananes Flambeés)

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8 Bananas (*any type you like)
½ cup sugar
25g butter
1 cup orange juice
¼ cup brandy

Other flavor variance: vanilla and 1 star anise to replace orange juice.

*For the softer type of banana, you need to add it when the caramel becomes thick so it won’t mash. If using saba (cardava) you can add the banana while the caramel is cooking.

Prepare and peel bananas.

In a frying pan, melt the sugar and butter together until light caramel.

Then add bananas together until light caramel. Reduce heat to medium add the orange juice .

Reduce to a sauce thick consistency.  Add the brandy, use a torch to let it on fire or long neck torch, or match stick. Swirl pan to flambé. (Flambé means to cover food with liquor and set it alight briefly.)

Warning: Minors who are 18 years old below should not do this without parents supervision. Be careful and cautious with flambé.

Fire will subside as soon as the alcohol evaporate. Keep swirling the pan to incorporate the flavors. Remove from heat.

Place banana on a plate with a scoop of ice cream and drizzle remaining sauce on top.  Serve and enjoy!


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Credits: Wagga’s Family Recipes
Photo by @mchatelan