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Chocolate Sponge Cake

Chocolate Sponge Cake
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This chocolate sponge cake is so soft, delicious and easy to make. You can bake it for any day, birthday or special occasion. You can top it with any of your favorite frosting like Chocolate Ganache Icing and garnish it with fresh slice of fruits. It’s a perfect chocolate sponge cake recipe. Happy baking and hope you enjoy this recipe!


120 grams (½ cup+1½ tablespoon) granulated sugar
4 extra large eggs at room temperature
200grams = (1 cup minus 1 tablespoon) Cake Flour, sifted
20 grams (3 tablespoons) unsweetened cocoa powder

1. Use eggs that are at room temperature. If your eggs are cold, take it out ahead of baking time.
2. Preheat the oven to 170°C
3. Prepare and grease your round baking pan with oil or butter.
4. In a mixing bowl, add eggs and sugar. Start beating using a stand mixer or electric hand mixer. Beat the eggs until very fluffy and pale yellow (about 15 minutes on medium/high speed).
5. Use a strainer and sift flour and cocoa powder on the bowl with egg mixture. Add it one at a time, and fold it carefully using a spatula, rolling spatula from bottom and folding it on top.
6. Transfer the batter into your greased pan.
7. Bake it in the oven (about 40 minutes). To check if its already cooked, do toothpick test, and if it comes out clean. Constantly check your cake because oven heat may vary per type and brand.
8. Once cake is cooked, leave it in the oven and immediately turn off the heat. Open the oven doors to let it cool down inside. After a few minutes, take it out and and run a thin knife on the round edge of pan to loosen up a bit.
9. Let it stand for a few more minutes to completely cool and your ready to invert the cake pan on a wire rack or plate.
10. Glaze it up with your favorite icing and decorate as you prefer.


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