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Pastillas De Leche

Pastillas de Leche
Pastillas de Leche

Five easy recipes of Pastillas de Leche Recipe you can choose from. Different variation in ingredients, process and flavor.

These Pastillas de Leche Recipe are collected in one for those who wants to learn the “cooking process” and the “no cook recipe” that any kids can make.

Remember that your Pastillas de Leche can be leveled up into a better version of the classic one.

*You can use assorted color of sprinkles, make a large version and place it in small paper cups.

*And roll it in colorful granulated sugar. You can color your sugar into your favorite color and roll over each pastillas. Just search Youtube on how to turn your granulated sugar into assorted colors.

*You can also fill it with marshmallows or add a dollop of dulce de leche in the center (assorted flavors like ube, pandan, etc.)



2 cups powdered milk
1 can (300mL) condensed milk
2 tablespoons melted butter
¼ cup granulated sugar (for coating)
¼ cup powdered milk (for coating)
candy wrappers

In a bowl, gradually add condensed milk and melted butter to powdered milk. Stir and combine it well with a spatula or spoon. Knead it with clean hands once it becomes less sticky and it starts to pull over on the sides of the bowl.

Set it aside for 5-10 minutes and let it dry up in air before shaping into small cylindrical shapes. Roll on a mixture of granulated sugar and powdered milk. Wrap each pastillas in a square candy wrapper.



3 cups powdered milk
1 can (14 ounces) condensed milk
1/2 cup white sugar

For the choco flavor:
1 tablespoon cocoa
1/4 cup white sugar
Mix together and roll each ball to the mixture of cocoa and sugar.

1. Place the condensed milk in a large mixing bowl.

2. Gradually fold-in the powdered milk. The texture of the mixture will be similar to dough once all the powdered milk is completely added.

3. Scoop some of the mixture and mold into ball,

4. Roll each ball mixture on granulated sugar.


2 cups powdered milk
1 can (300ml) condensed milk
¼ cup granulated sugar for rolling
¼ cup milk for rolling candy wrappers

In a bowl, gradually add condensed milk and melted butter to powdered milk. Mix and blend evenly, using spoon, then knead with clean hands.

Set for 5-10 minutes before shaping into small cylindrical shapes.

Roll on the mixture of granulated sugar and powdered milk. Wrap in candy wrapper.

Pastillas De Leche


5 cups fresh milk
⅔ cup sugar and ½ cup for dusting
zest of 1 lime
2 tablespoons butter
¾ cup full cream powdered milk

Using non stick pan, pour milk and add sugar over low heat. Mix until sugar is fully dissolved. Let it simmer with constant stirring and scraping down bottom of pan and each. Let it cook for about 1½ hours (until milk turns into a paste like mixture).

Add lime zest (pinong ginadgad na balat ng limon) and mix it well.

Next, add in butter and powdered milk. Continue to mix until mixture becomes smooth in texture. Cook for additional 3-5 minutes. At this point, your mixture will start to pull from the sides of the pan. It will become like a soft dough and it’s good to go for molding.

Turn off heat and place mixture into a greased tray or plate. Set it aside to cool.

Prepare extra powdered milk for dusting. Divide mixture using a small scoop and roll each portion into logs. Roll each pastillas in sugar to coat.


3 cups powdered milk, sifted
1 cup condensed milk
½ cup granulated sugar, for coating
Wax paper or cellophane, for wrapping

*For pastillas business, you can dust it with ¼ cup skimmed milk to cut down cost.

Add the sifted powdered milk in a large bowl. Make a well in the center and pour condensed milk.

Mix it well with a large spoon, start from the center slowly going outward until it becomes a  soft dough.

Prepare extra milk powder and refined sugar on a separate bowls and set aside. Scoop some of the milk mixture, and using plastic gloves or cleaned hands make a ball.

Dust it with powdered milk If it’s sticking in your hands. Roll it into cylinders until smooth and firm in shape.

Roll in sugar until for final coating and shake off excess. Set aside

For the wrapper:

Prepare a wax paper or cellophane and cut into rectangle with 1½ inches larger than your the size of your pastillas de leche or “milk candy”.

Transfer into an airtight container or a clean dry jar at room temperature.

Serve and Enjoy!!!

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