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Sugar Donuts (Filipino Style)


Who doesn’t love a fresh and warm sugar donuts? Start frying some sugar doughnuts today. These yeast-raised doughnuts are soft, fluffy and so easy to do. You can sprinkle sugar, fill it with whipped cream, jam or even fill it with nutella.

These are unbelievably delicious and ideal for breakfast, afternoon snack or late night treats. Basically anytime is donut time, if you know what I mean. Happy cooking and enjoy!

SugarDonuts (Filipino Style)

6 tbsp (100 ml) water
5 oz buttermilk (150 ml), at room temperature (or any liquid milk)
1 egg, beaten (at room temperature)
4 tbsp (57 g) butter, melted
2 cups (454 g) all-purpose or bread flour
4 tbsp (57 g) sugar
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp (3.5 g) instant yeast
oil for frying (I use sunflower or grapeseed or a combination)

Kitchen Tips:

If you don’t have a donut cutter, alternatively you can use a round glass and use a knife to help you cut the dough and a bottle cap can be your guide to put a donut hole in the center

In a large bowl, combine water, buttermilk, beaten egg and melted butter. Next, add the dry ingredients, except for the yeast.

Make a small well in the dry ingredients, then add the yeast. Mix it well with hands until it becomes a dough.

Cover bowl with a cling wrap and set it aside until it becomes double in size. I keep it inside a turned off oven to prevent from air.

Once the dough has risen, transfer it on a working table and sprinkle some flour. Punch it in the center to release all the air and begin kneading it lightly.

Slice the dough in half and keep the other half of dough covered to prevent it from forming a skin.

Start working on the dough with a rolling pin and roll it out to about ½ inch thickness.

Slice it with a round, sharp doughnut cutter (about 3″ diameter). Or use a round cookie cutter, then make the holes with a smaller cookie cutter or bottle cap (about 1″ diameter), saving the holes.

Transfer each doughnut on a lined tray and let it rise or double in size. Cover tray and keep it away from air or keep it inside a cabinet or unused oven.

Start Frying the Doughnuts:

In a large pan, heat enough oil to about 350ºF (180º). If there is no thermometer, just test the oil with excess doughnut hole.

Adjust heat accordingly, and make sure it doesn’t fry your dough quickly. Enough heat to gradually make it golden brown. Turn it over to cook the other side as soon as iy becomes slightly brown.

Transfer into a paper line bowl to remove excess oil. Let it cool first before rolling into sugar or before adding your filling.

Serve and enjoy!

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