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Filipino Macaroni Salad with Cheese

Filipino Chicken Macaroni Salad with Cheese
Credits: Love Bite

Want to know the secret to a delicious Chicken Macaroni Salad? The secret is also in the ingredients. Instead of boiled chicken you may use roasted chicken. The added smokey flavor on your salad makes it extra flavourful. Sounds yummy right, but it taste even better!

Also, use the best brand of mayonnaise that is not “maanta” or too oily. I always use Japanese mayonnaise.

Japanese mayonnaise uses soy-based vegetable oil and many of the same ingredients like american mayonnaise. They don’t add water however and Japanese mayo uses apple or rice vinegar rather than distilled vinegar. Japanese mayonnaise also uses egg yolks rather than whole eggs.”

But if I’m feeling frugal, I use the regular brand of mayonnaise (Ladies Choice or Best Food). Finaly, the key secret is love, your passion for cooking that makes any macaroni salad more delicious than any other.

Filipino Macaroni Salad with Cheese


  • 1/4 kilograms macaroni noodles
  • 2 to 3 pieces, medium sized carrots
  • 1 big chicken breast
  • 500 ml of mayonnaise
  • 1 can (836 g) pineapple chunks or tidbits
  • 1 big white onion, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup sweet pickle relish
  • 3 hard boiled eggs, diced
  • 1 cup diced cheddar cheese (any cheese)
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Sprinkle of sugar (optional)


  1. Prepare to cook elbow macaroni pasta and follow package cooking instructions.
  2. In a sauce pot, heat enough water to boil carrots for about 15 to 20 minutes or until tender
  3. Drain water and remove carrots. Set it aside to let it cool. Peel the carrots and dice it in small pieces.
  4. In a pot, heat water to boil chicken breast with salt. Remove chicken breast from water and shred at least 1 inch in lengths
  5. Prepare the chunks of pineapple  in can and drain the liquid.
  6. In a large mixing bowl, start with the mayonnaise and seasoning first. Mix mayonnaise, onions, salt, pepper, sugar, pickle relish.
  7. Stir it well until you get the perfect taste and the seasoning are well incorporated.
  8. Add in the rest of the ingredients and toss it to combine. Cover bowl and refrigerate. Serve and enjoy!