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Palitaw sa Panutsa Sauce

Palitaw sa Panutsa Sauce
How to make Panutsa Sauce
How to make Panutsa Sauce
Panutsa a.k.a. panotcha, sinakob, tagapulot or sugarcane mollases
Panutsa a.k.a. panotcha, sinakob, pulitipot, tagapulot or sugarcane mollases

Another native Filipino kakanin from the province with abundant sugar cane plantations. The makers of Panutsa/Panotcha like the provinces of Pangasinan and Ilocos.

In other provinces it is also known as Sinakob, Tagapulot, Pulitipot, Panotcha or Sugar Cane Mollases. This dark sugar cane mollases is like a (half sphere) bao in shape and has a very rich dark color when cooked.

If you get to buy these panutsa and doesn’t have an idea on how to cook it. You can melt these into a syrup with coconut milk and use it as a sweetener sauce to any of your favorite kakanin.

These dark sugar cane mollases can darken the color of any recipe. Just like the dark brown Biko, black kutsinta, or thick latik covering layer in a biko rice cake. This is super sweet and yummy! Happy cooking!

Palitaw sa Panutsa Sauce

Servings: 12 to 15 pcs

2 cups giniling na malagkit (glutinous rice flour)
1 cup water
1 tsp. pandan extract

For Panutsa Sauce (Tagapulot, Pulitipot, Sinakob, Sugar Cane Mollases):
1/2 – 2/3 Panutsa (hugis bao na cane sugar cut into pieces)
1 can coconut milk

For Latik:
2 cups coconut milk (if using fresh, unang piga)

Transfer the glutinous rice flour into a bowl. Add pandan extract (optional) and add water in little batches to form a smooth dough but firm enough to knead into a ball. (unti unti lng ang paglalagay ng tubig).

Scoop 2 tablespoons of the rice dough. Flour hands and then form it into a ball. Flatten it using your palm to form an oval shape. Set aside separately on a plate

Do the same process until the rest of the dough is formed into a palitaw shape dough.

In a large pot add enough water. Let the water boil and one by one add the flatten dough into the boiling water. Do it by batch and do not overcrowd the pot.

Let the rice dough cook for about 3 minutes or until the palitaw floats onto the surface of the boiling water. It floats when its already cooked.

Using a large slotted spoon, scoop each floating dough out of the boiling water. Let it drain on a strainer to drip excess water. Let it cool and set aside.

Transfer the cooked Palitaw in a bowl and soaked it in panutsa sauce with latik on top. Serve and enjoy!

How to cook Panutsa Sauce:
In a sauce pot, add coconut milk and panutsa (broken into small pieces). Bring it to a boil and adjust heat after to low heat. Let it simmer. Keep on stirring until it becomes thick in texture.

Do not leave sauce unattended and continue to stir the sauce until you achieve the desired sauce thickness. The key to coconut milk is use of low heat and stirring constantly so it doesn’t curdle.

Once the sauce is thick. Turn off heat and remove from fire. Pour in sauce to your cooked palitaw.

How to make latik:

In a pan, boil and simmer coconut milk until coconut milk becomes oil and bits of pieces of latik forms. Continuous stirring is required and use low heat once it starts to boil. Once cooked strain oil and separate the latik pieces. Use as garnish to your palitaw.

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