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Coffee Jelly Ice Candy

Coffee Jelly Ice Candy Recipe
This Coffee Jelly Ice Candy Recipe is super smooth and delicious! Its because of its extra smooth texture just like an Ice cream. Yes, this is the Ice candy recipe you’ve been looking for. I used Cassava flour to make the texture slightly softer and prevent ice crystals from forming when frozen. Creamy, gelatinous and sooo smooth in every bite.
Great business idea for summer and let your kids help you earn while their on summer vacation.

Coffee Jelly Ice Candy (Smooth Version)

Yield: 128 pcs (2oz per Ice candy)

2 sachet Mr.Gulaman powder, black (unflavored)
25 grams nescafe coffee
1 big Angel Kremdensada (400g)
1 big Evaporated milk(400g)
¼ Kilogram Sugar
2.6 Liters Water
1 ½ cup cassava flour (dissolve 600ml water)

Note: If you like it more creamier, you can use all purpose cream instead of evaporated milk.


  1. Cook the black jelly/gelatin according to package Instructions. Just make sure to reduce the prescribed water, so you can get a firmer gulaman than getting a jiggly texture.
  2. Once the gulaman is cooked, transfer into rectangular molder, and let it cool. Slice into cubes when firm.
  3. Meanwhile, start cooking the cassava flour. In a deep large pot, boil 2.6 liters water. While waiting for the water to boil, dissolve the 1 ½ cups cassava flour in 600ml water. Then, slowly pour this mixture into the pot of boiling water. Keep stirring this mixture until the flour is cooked through. (this can be exhausting to your arm though).
  4. Once the cassava flour is cooked and the mixture is a bit thicker in texture. Let it cool and transfer into a large clean pale or large wide clean basin (palanggana).
  5. Start mixing all the ingredients except for the jelly cubes, adjust coffee and sweetness to your liking.
  6. Once you get the best taste of coffee jelly. Start with adding the jelly cubes in the ice candy plastics and use a funnel (embudo) and pour in enough coffee cassava mixture.
  7. Chill it for 8 hours or more. Enjoy!

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