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Banana Cue Recipe

Skewered Saging na Saba or Banana Cue in caramelized sugar. All time favorite afternoon snack of Filipinos. My favorite Filipino street food! Banana Plantains fried in tons of sugar!

Banana Cue Recipe


16 pcs. semi ripe/ripe saging na Saba, peeled (cardava banana)
1/2 cup sugar + extra sprinkle
3 cups Vegetable cooking oil


1. In a large wok over high heat, add cooking oil. Once the oil is smoking hot, add the bananas. Let it fry for about 2 minutes or until they become slightly color brown.
2. Sprinkle the brown sugar and let it melt first in the oil without stirring. Once the melted sugar floats atop and starts to caramelize, start stirring the bananas to coat with caramelized sugar. Make sure to use low heat, and avoid burning the sugar.
3. Continue to simmer the oil and keep stirring until the bananas are fully coated with caramelized sugar.
4. Sprinkle more brown sugar as you stir. Turn off heat once done and do not overcook.
5. Transfer in a strainer to drain excess oil.
6. Start to skewer bananas in a bamboo stick before they totally cool down. Do the same for the rest of the bananas.

Serve and enjoy!

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