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This Mango Buko Salad (Mango and shredded young coconut salad) is going to be a hit this summer. Simple, easy to do and budget friendly summer dessert! You can sell it in your neighborhood for an extra income this summer and have a unique business venture.



4 ripe large mangoes (sweet and fragrant when smelled)
½ can condensed milk (adjust sweetness if needed)
250 ml all purpose cream
1 jar kaong, white
4 young coconut fruit (young coconut meat scraped from sliced buko shells)
1 cup evaporated milk

(you may add cooked sweet corn too if you like)


Slice the mango and cut the meat into cubes and scoop it out. Transfer into mixing bowl

Using a buko shredder, shred the young coconut meat in each buko shells. Add it in the mixing bowl with the cubed mangoes.

Then add the cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk in the mixing bowl together with the buko and mangoes.

Combine all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and toss them together.

Chill for at least 4 hours before serving.
Serve and enjoy!

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