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Fresh Lemon Iced Tea

Fresh Lemon Ice Tea
Fresh Lemon Iced Tea

Minimize those sugary drinks for your kids give them fresh lemon iced tea! Trust me they will love it. I use to love those powdered juice drink back in the days when I was pregnant. That’s probably one reason why I got a GSD before. So I decided to stop drinking those artificial juice powder hence forward. Until today, I will always choose freshly homemade juice as much as I can or just drink water.



5 tea bags
1.5 liters boiling water
3 Tbsp honey
Freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon
1 can peach slices
Few mint leaves (optional)


1. Add the tea bags and honey to the boiled water and stir until the honey is dissolved. Allow to steep for 5 minutes
2. Remove the tea bags and add the peach slices (you can replace with fresh ones which have been simmered in water and brown sugar)
3. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice
4. Set aside and leave to cool. Add the mint leaves and place in the fridge
5. Decant into the kids juice bottles and let them enjoy

Tip 1: this is also great for adults. You may leave the honey out for the adults. Add ice if you are serving it immediately
Tip 2: use flavoured tea bags for different tastes. Add fresh fruits or make syrups with that fresh fruit to enhance the flavour.

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Credits: Chef Naledi