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These oreo chocolate mousse pots are amazing. It looks like a plant but its a dessert! The soil look a like on top are crushed oreo’s. You may use any edible fresh herbs on top to make it look like a pot of plants.



3 packs Crushed Oreo
⅓ cup Heavy cream (50g)
⅓ cup Cooking chocolate  (50g or 2 oz.)
2 tbsp all purpose cream
2 tbsp Milk


Melt chocolate with milk add crushed oreos. Set aside

In a small bowl, beat heavy cream till soft peaks appears.

Using a spatula fold the cream gradually into melted chocolate.

Add 2 tbsp all purpose cream and fold it nicely.

Transfer into individual dessert cups and sprinkle with crushed oreos to look like a soil. Add fresh mint leaves on top to look like a mini pot of plants.

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