Spamsilog or also known as Spam, sinangag and itlog in Filipino. Filipino heavy type of breakfast combo made from fried spam, fried rice and fried egg.

This Sinangag recipe is chinese style fried rice with sunny side up fried egg on top with slices of fried spam. Super yummy!


*Serves 3-4


1 Chorizo de bilbao, casing removed and sliced thinly
3 crabstick, sliced (optional)
4 eggs, beaten with 1 tsp Soy Sauce
4 cups rice (cooked/left over)
1 cup frozen Peas (or mixed vegetable)
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 + 1 Tsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp oyster Sauce
2 tbsp Premium Light Soy Sauce
2-3 Dash of pepper
1 stalk green onions, chopped

1 can spam, sliced and fried
4 fried eggs, (sunny side up)


In a pan over medium high heat. Heat some oil, add in sliced chorizo and let the fat render. Once the sausages are slightly brown, remove sausages from heat and place in a bowl. Use the oil residue of the pan for added flavor for the next step.

In the same pan, add in 1 tsp of oil and add beaten eggs. Mix it occasionally to break the eggs into small chunks. Cook the egg until well done and the egg looks dry.

Remove scrambled eggs from heat and transfer with the chorizo.

Heat another 2 tbsp of oil in the same pan over medium-high heat. Sauté garlic, let it cook until and garlic is slightly brown and add in crab sticks. Continue to cook for about a minute.

Then, add frozen peas and keep stirring mixture until peas are cooked through. Reduce heat to medium, then add cooked rice, chorizo, scrambled eggs, oyster sauce, light soy sauce and dashes pepper into the pan.

Toss and turn occasionally for about 4-5 minutes so that everything is mixed well.

Garnish with sprinkles of chopped green onions. Serve hot with Fried Spam and Fried Eggs on the side. Enjoy!

Credits: @SDpinoy

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