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Nutella Flan Recipe

Got some extra large nutella sitting in the pantry and you don’t know what to do? No problem! Because you can make this luscious Nutella Flan craze in Portugal and Brazil! Nom..nom!



3 large eggs
1 can of condensed milk
1 can (same measure) whole milk
1 ½ cup of Nutella

Substitute: If whole milk is not available measure the can with ½ can of evaporated milk + ½ can of water. Stir it well.)

**Whole milk is 3.5% milk fat, check the label in the groceries if its whole milk.


1. First preheat the oven to 180°C. (You may also use steamer if preferred)

2. Caramelize sugar in the mould

3. In the blender, beat the eggs well.

4. Add all other ingredients

5. Beat it again for a few minutes. Strain well.

6. Transfer mixture in the caramelized moulder

7. Bake in a preheated oven in a water bath (bain marie) for approximately 1 hour. You may also use a steamer if oven is not available. It may take approximately 1 hour to 1 ½ hours in steamer.

Note: The time varies a lot, your flan will be ready when it is cooked, hard. Please do a toothpick test to make sure its cooked in the center. It should come out clean.

Let it chill and turn it over on a plate.

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