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Bibingkang Abnoy is a famous delicacy in Laguna and Pateros (Philippines). You’re not from Laguna or Pateros if you don’t know Bibingkang Abnoy.

Bibingkang Abnoy is an Omelet with an extra kick. It is an exotic delicacy made with unfertilized rotten duck egg then fried (or steamed or baked over and under a coal).

This Bibingka is good when dipped in spicy vinegar to neutralize the indescribable rotten egg taste. 

So if your up for the challenge, visit pateros and go buy some raw abnoy eggs from the balut vendors in town. You can also do it at home and just let your own eggs rot. When it starts to become smelly you can start cooking Bibingkang Abnoy.

You need to try it, before you judge it. It’s delicious!



5 abnoy eggs (bugok na itlog ng itik/unfertilized duck egg) 
¼ cup minced onion
2 chopped tomatoes   
1-2 stalks kintsay, minced 
1 tsp ground pepper   
1 tsp salt   
banana leaves
2 pieces salted eggs, garnish (optional)
spiced vinegar, dipping sauce


Crack eggs and pour in a bowl. 
Beat the eggs as if you’re making an omelette. Mix in the rest of the ingredients except for garnish.

For Steaming:
A variation on cooking the abnoy mixture would be to steam, just like how you steam a puto for about 30 minutes or longer. make sure to cover the molder with a foil to prevent water drippings. 

For Baking: 
You may also try the unconventional by baking it in a traditional bibingka tabletop clay oven, with embers of charcoal on both the bottom and top.

For Frying:
Heat a wide pan lined with banana leaves on it. Pour cooking oil on it until hot enough.

Pour the previously prepared mixture into the pan, over the banana leaf until about ¼ inches thick. Cook until top part is slightly cooked, then flip over.
Insert a toothpick in the center to check if the inside is already cooked. Transfer it on a serving plate and serve with spicy vinegar dip!

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