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Korean Hotdog

Korean Hotdog Recipe
Korean Hotdog (Street Food)
These Korean Hotdog street food are crunchy, soft and yummy! Its cheesy and delicious just like a corndog but this one is kind a unique with lots of different combos to choose from!
You can definitely make it at home for a weekend snack with the family. Use your imagination for a delicious coating instead of breadcrumbs.. Enjoy!

Korean Hotdog Street Food


1.72 cups bread flour (250g)
7 teaspoon sugar (28g)
¾ teaspoon salt 
1 ¾ teaspoon instant dry yeast (6g)
1 medium egg
0.95 cups water (225 grams or less than a cup)
mozzarella cheese, slice into 1″ x 1″x 2″ cubes (7pcs cheese cubes)
4 sausage/hotdog, slice in half (2 inches length)
1 cup breadcrumbs
7 pcs bamboo skewers (sticks)

Add on coating: potato cubes, crushed cornflakes, sugar, etc. (optional)

Dressing: sugar, ketchup and mustard sauce (optional)


1. In a rectangular loaf pan, add bread flour, sugar, salt and instant dry yeast. Whisk to combine well. (*You need a rectangular pan to fit in the hotdog in bamboo skewers later on).
2. Add egg and water. Mix it well with a whisk and smoothen with a spatula until smooth. Combine it well.
3. Cover pan with cling wrap to prevent air and let it proof until it doubles in volume.
4. Meanwhile, prepare your hotdog skewers. Skewer ½ of hotdog and ½ of mozzarella cheese. Make about 7 skewers.
5. Dust hotdog and cheese with some flour on top.
6. Dip each skewer in the batter and roll it until the whole thing is covered with batter.
7. In a rectangular plate, roll the batter coated hotdog with your choice of coating like bread crumbs, or cornflakes or potato cubes.
8. Prepare a pan with enough oil, and let it heat up to 170°C. Deep fry each hotdog until golden brown. Drain from oil and transfer into a plate. 
9. Roll it in sugar and drizzle with your favorite dressing. 

Serve and enjoy!

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