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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee
A new type of coffee, called Dalgona, is sweeping the Internet. Treat yourself to this spin of Classic Indian Coffee. Its easy to make and delicious! Dalgona is not just for drinks.. You can also use this to glaze your bread, cakes and pastry (just remove the liquid part) . Enjoy!


6 tsp coffee
6 tsp sugar
6 tsp hot/boiling water
Coconut Milk (or any Milk)


1. Mix the coffee, sugar and water.

2. Then whip it and use an electric hand mixer to make a froth/foamy dalgona. (You can also use a manual whisk or fork but it will take around 20 mins or more). Your hands will be stiff, but you can do it manually if mixer is not available.

3. Fill the glass with any cold milk or coconut milk and place the foamy coffee cream on top. Serve cold and enjoy!

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