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Coated Peanuts (Nagaraya Style)

Coated Peanuts (Nagaraya Style)
Do you want to make and sell some coated peanuts just like the Nagaraya? Sell it in small cups, plastic bottles or any air-tight container for some extra income. Practice cooking it today, it’s very easy! 
Serve it with sprinkled garlic powder or barbeque powder to add some flavors. The flavors are unlimited to your liking. 

COATED PEANUTS (Nagaraya Style) 


1 cup Peanuts (raw)
2 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon flour
1 Egg
A pinch of Nutmeg
4 Tablespoons of fresh milk
Extra flour for dusting


1. In a bowl, pour the peanut into hot boiling water for about a minute (just like blanching). 

2. Drain water and let it dry. Allow to air dry. 

3. Make the Coating: In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar and nutmeg. (the nutmeg is the flavor that makes the coating just like the nagaraya). Add the fresh egg and mix it together. Then add milk and mix it well to form a batter. 

4. Pour the mixture on the peanut and coat the peanut well with the mixture.

5. Sprinkle more dry flour onto the coated peanuts

6. Shake the bowl to fully coat the peanuts. 

7. Remove excess flour, ensure the peanuts are separated and not sticking together.

8. Preheat the oil until very hot and ready. 

9. Pour the peanuts into the hot oil and fry for about 3- 5 minutes.

10. Use a strainer and scoop out the peanuts from oil. Drain well and transfer into a paper lined tray. 

11. Allow to cool and keep in an air-tight container.  Serve and enjoy!

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