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Korean Stir-Fry Spicy Pork (Jeyuk Bokkeum)

Korean Stir-Fry Spicy Pork – Jeyuk Bokkeum

“Jeyuk means pork, and Bokkeum meaning to cook food or food ingredients with little or a small amount of liquid by stir-frying over heat”

This sweet and spicy pork is so quick, easy and my favorite. It only takes 10-15 minutes to cook. Yes, fast and easy food for the family. Enjoy and happy cooking!

Korean Stir-Fry Spicy Pork

(Jeyuk Bokkeum) 

Servings: 2-3


3 tablespoon gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
3 tablespoons sugar 
2 teaspoon sesame oil
1 ½ teaspoon Korean soy sauce
2 teaspoon minced garlic 
2 teaspoon minced ginger

500g of pork, thinly sliced (bite-size) 
½ tablespoon vegetable oil 
1 carrot, thinly sliced
½ cabbage, thinly sliced


1. Make ahead: In a bowl, combine 3 tbsp gochujang paste, 3 tbsp sugar, 2 tsp sesame oil, 1 ½ tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp garlic and 2 tsp ginger. Stir it well and addd it to the pork. Mix it well until all pork is fully coated. Let it marinade for an hour. 

2. In a large pan, heat oil. Stir fry carrots until slightly soft for about a minute. 

3. Add the pork with the marinade sauce. Cook it for about 10 minutes until the pork is tender and cook through. 

4. Keep stirring the pork to prevent the sauce from sticking on the pan. Then add cabbage. Toss and turn until cooked and crisp.  

5. Serve with rice while hot. Enjoy!

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