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Party fruit punch, hot chocolate, teas, and fresh fruit beverages, you can make not only for everyday but also for Holidays, party or special occasions.
I have found a good old recipe collections which I am so amazed and made me read it until I fell asleep.. The recipes are simple and uncomplicated. So I wanted to share these recipes because I feel that some of these are already forgotten and why not share some recipes here that are still useful. Though the cooking process and ingredients are outdated, (they even use paper cones for piping icings on cake, Wow.. I couldnt believe it, thats how they frost a cake in the past when icing bags are not probably easily accesible in the market yet) you will discover more as you read the recipes below.
Note: Please use careful discretion and use your best judgement and logic if ever you want to follow the recipe below. These are old copies, but looking at each recipe, I think they are great and a real treasure for us to keep. Here are some recipe excerpt from the book:

Mrs Curtis Cookbook – Beverage

“WHEN we speak of beverages, it includes such daily drinks as tea, coffee, and cocoa, also the delicious fruit punches, which are easy to make and, in hot weather, as cooling to the blood as they are palatable. In preparing all hot beverages, freshly boiled water is a necessity, for after water has boiled five minutes it loses a sort of sparkle that makes all the difference between a poor cup of tea and one that is stimulating and fragrant. As to coffee, there are various methods of making it, but in boiled coffee, which is the common, everyday way of making it, we have probably the quickest and most economical method. To have coffee at its best, the water and coffee should be carefully measured, carefully watched and timed in the cooking, and the coffeepot kept scrupulously clean. Don’t buy poor, cheap tea and coffee; it is simply Impossible to make them fit to drink; better A small quantity of decent quality. The majority of fruit punches, as
A rule, have one base syrup of equal quantities of water and sugar. This is a much better way to prepare such drinks than by melting sugar, which can only be half dissolved in cold water. After the sirup for such a beverage is prepared, its flavoring is limited only by the variety of fruit on hand. The ever-handy lemon gives it necessary tartness, and to add to the deliciousness anything may be added, even a Ieft-over of sirup from canned fruit or a cup of cold tea.”

French Coffee

1 cup finely ground coffee,
6 cups boiling water.

There are a number of pots on the market for making French coffee any of them are suitable, provided they contain a fine strainer, which holds the coffee and prevents the grounds from getting into the infusion. To make coffee in this fashion, put the coffee into the strainer, which is generally set into the mouth of the pot: place the pot on the store and slowly pour the water over the grounds, allowing it to filter through If you wish to have the coffee stronger, pour out the infusion and pour it a second time over the grounds, but do not allow it to cool.

Boiled Coffee

4 heaping tablespoonfuls ground
1 quart freshly boiling water, (4 US dry cups)
½ white of egg.

Mix the white of egg with 3 tablespoonfuls cold water, beating with a fork; add the coffee and stir till wet. Scald coffeepot, put in prepared cof fee, pour in boiling water, cover the spout, and boil five minutes. Pour in quickly cupful cold water; stand three minutes to settle. Strain into a hot pot or have strainer on table.


Water for tea should be used when it has just reached the boiling point. Teas are of differing strengths, but a safe rule is 1 teaspoonful dry tea to ½ pint boiling water. Scald the pot, put in dry tea, and cover one minute. Add boiling water and cover closely. Let stand three to six minutes and strain off into another hot pot. A wadded cozy keeps the tea hot for a long time.


In a tablespoonful of boiling water dissolve a small teaspoonful of Runkel’s cocoa powder, then add a cupful of boiling milk, and boil to gether for five minutes, stirring continually.

Afternoon Chocolate

1 quart milk, (4 US dry cup)
3 squares chocolate bar,
3 tablespoonfuls boiling water,
2 tablespoonfuls sugar.

Put the chocolate in a double boiler. When it melts, add the sugar and stir thoroughly till both dissolved. Add the boiling water and beat it smooth, then pour it over the scalded milk. With an egg beater, whip the beverage till it foams, keeping it over the fire. Serve from a chocolate pot, sweetening to taste and putting into each cupful a tablespoonful of whipped cream. If you desire the chocolate delicately thickened, add tablespoonful cornstarch dissolved in cold milk during the cooking process.

Piazza Punch Recipe

Juice 2 lemons
Juice 1 orange
1 cup sugar
2 cup grape juice
2 cup water

Mix together the juice of the
lemons and orange, add sugar, grape juice, and water. Place a small cake of ice in the bottom of a punch bowl or in a tall glass pitcher and pour in the liquid.

Lime Punch Recipe

½ cup lime juice
2 ½ cup sugar syrup
2 cup pineapple juice
¾ cup orange

Mix together the lime juice and syrup; then add the pineapple juice and orange. When ready to serve, put in glasses half filled with crushed ice and add a few Maraschino cherries.

Pineapple Punch Recipe

1 cup grated pineapple
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
½ cup fresh-made tea
Juice 3 oranges
Juice 3 lemons
1 cup grape juice
2 ½ quarts water

Put the pineapple and 2 cups water to boil for fifteen minutes. Strain through cheese cloth, pressing out all the juice. Add 1 pint of water to the sugar, which has been boiled ten minutes, then add the tea, juice of the oranges and lemons, grape juice, and the balance of the water. Put in a punch bowl with a large lump of ice. Serve perfectly chilled in sherbet glasses.

Fruit Punch Recipe

Juice 6 lemons
2 cups water
1 pound sugar
Chopped rind 1 lemon
2 bananas
1 grated pineapple
½ bottle Maraschino cherries and their liquor
2 quarts sparkling water (Apollinaris)

Put the water, sugar, and rind of lemon on to boil; boil five minutes, strain, and while hot slice into it the bananas, pineapple, cherries and their liquor. When ready to serve, put in the center of punch bowl a square block of ice; pour over it the sparkling water (Apollinaris); add to the fruit, the juice of the lemons and put it all into the bowl.

Raspberry and Currant Punch

A pleasant drink is made of raspberries and currants, a pint of the former to a quart of the latter. Bruise the fruit in a preserving kettle with a potato masher and pour over it, 2 quarts cold water. Put the kettle over a moderate fire, where it will heat gradually. After it begins to boil, remove the kettle from the fire; pour the contents into a jelly bag and let it drain through the bag into a large bowl. When it is clear and cool, add ice and sweeten it and serve in little glasses.

Tea Punch Recipe

1 quart boiling water
4 tablespoon tea
1 cup granulated sugar,
Juice 4 lemons,
1 pint sparkling water (Apollinaris)

Pour the boiling water over the tea; cover and leave for five minutes; strain off and cool. Half fill the punch bowl with cracked ice, add the sugar and strained juice of the lemons. Pour the tea over these, and, as it goes to table, add the sparkling water. Strew a handful of mint sprays on the surface and serve at once.

Cocoa Nibs or “Shells.” Drink Recipe

Wet 2 ounces cocoa shells with a little cold water and stir into them a quart of boiling water. Boil stead ily for an hour and a half; strain, stir in a quart of fresh milk, bring almost to the scalding point, and serve. Sweeten in the cups.

Raspberry Vinegar Recipe

Mash the berries and, when reduced to a pulp, add enough vinegar to cover them. Set close by the stove for twelve hours, stirring of ten. Strain and press; add as many raspberries (mashed) to the vinegar as before; cover and leave in the hot sun for six hours. Now strain, and measure the juice; add half as much water as you have juice, and stir into this 5 pounds granulated sugar for every 3 pints of liquid. Bring slowly to a boil, let it boil up once, and strain. Bottle, cork, and seal. (Marion Harland)

Ginger Beer Recipe

6 ounces bruised ginger (170g)
6 quarts water
5 pounds loaf sugar (2.2 Kg)
1 gill lemon juice (118 ml)
¼ pound honey
17 quarts cold water (about 16 liters)
1 egg
2 teaspoon essence lemon

Boil the ginger and water for half an hour; then add the sugar, lemon juice, honey, the balance of the water, and strain through a cloth. When cold, put in the egg and essence of lemon. After standing three or four days it may be bottled.

Ginger Pop Recipe

2 gallons lukewarm water
2 pounds white sugar
2 lemons
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
1 cup yeast
2 ounces white ginger root, bruised and boiled.

Pour this mixture into a stone jar and stand in a warm place for twenty-four hours; then bottle. The next day it will be ready to “pop.” (Marion Harland)

Cream Soda Recipe

1 pound loaf sugar
2 cups rich cream
1 quart water
1 tablespoon Mexican vanilla
1 ounce tartaric acid

Mix the ingredients and bring slowly to a boil; then put in jars. Use a tablespoonful of this and a third of a teaspoonful of soda to a glass of iced water.

Portable Lemonade

Rasp the rind of a large and not too-ripe lemon on pound loaf sugar, reduce it to powder, and mix with the strained juice of the fruit. Stir well together, and when thoroughly mixed, press tightly into a small jar, cork, and tie over with waxed paper. When required for use, dissolve a tablespoonful of the paste in a glass of water with a lump of ice. This paste will keep good for months. If too sweet, a slight amount of citric acid will give it the necessary sharpness.

Egg Lemonade Recipe

2 cups sugar
3 cups water
1 grated rind of lemon
Juice 3 lemons
1 egg
1 bottle effervescent water (carbonated water)

Boil together the sugar and water for ten minutes; add the grated rind and juice of the lemons. Allow this to cool, and at time of serving add the egg, beaten until very light and creamy, and the effervescent water, poured from some height in order that the mixture may foam. Serve with crack ice in glasses.

Chocolate Cream Nectar Recipe

4 tablespoon hot coffee
2 squares chocolate
1 cup sugar
3 cups water
1 teaspoonful Mexican vanilla
Whipped cream

Melt the chocolate in the hot coffee; add the sugar and water; boil clear and strain. There should be 1 quart of the liquid. When cold, add the vanilla, then pour it into glasses in which you have placed 1 tablespoonful whipped cream and a little shaved ice. Stir before drinking. This is good hot, if a portion of milk is added to the chocolate syrup, and the whipped cream placed on top.

Iced Coffee with Orange Flavor

1 quart strong coffee
2 cups sugar

Boil the ingredients ten minutes. Allow this to cool and add to each cup or glass 1 tablespoon orange syrup and the same amount of cream partially whipped. The orange syrup may be obtained at a drug store or made by allowing cut oranges to stand in sugar and straining off the juice.

Black-Currant Cup Recipe

To 1 quart weak green tea add ½ pint black-currant juice; sweeten to taste and chill thoroughly before serving.

Ching Ching Recipe

Fill a glass two thirds full of shaved ice; add 3 or 4 lumps of sugar, the juice of a large orange, and a few drops of essence of cloves or peppermint.

Fruit Cup Recipe

Juice ½ lemon,
1 teaspoonful lime juice,
1 teaspoonful pineapple juice,
4 ounces sugar,
2 ounces shaved ice,

Fill up the glass with rich milk, shake until foamy. and drink at once.

Pineapple Lemonade Recipe

1 pineapple
Juice 4 lemons
2 ½ pound sugar
1 pint water

Pare, eye, and grate the pineapple; add the strained juice of the lemons and a syrup made by boiling together for four minutes the sugar and water. When cold, add 1 quart water; strain and ice.

Fruit Beverage Recipe

12 lemons
2 pounds sugar
1 quart ripe raspberries
1 pineapple

Peel the lemons very thin; squeeze the juice over the peel and let stand two hours; then add 1 pound sugar; mash the raspberries with pound sugar, strain the lemon juice and mash the raspberries through a coarse sieve, then the pineapple, and mix all together, adding 3 quarts cold water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved; strain, and serve with a little of the fruit in each giass.

Picnic Lemonade Recipe

1 quart water
2 figs
Peel and juice of 2 lemons
1 tablespoon honey/sugar

Put the water into a stewpan to boil; add the figs cut in two; let the water and figs boil a quarter of an hour; add the lemon peel cut in thin slices; boil ten minutes longer; pour into a jug; cover closely with paper until cold; pass through a sieve and add the honey and lemon juice. Sugar can be used in place of honey.

Russian Tea Recipe

4 teaspoon tea
1 quart boiling water
1 teaspoon sugar
½ slice lemon
1 Maraschino cherry

Pour the boiling water over the tea, and allow it to stand for five minutes. Into each cup put the lemon, cherry, and sugar, and pour the tea over them,

Raspberry Shrub Recipe

For every cupful raspberry juice take cupful white-wine vinegar and 2 cupfuls sugar. Put the fruit juice, sugar, and vinegar over the fire, stir until the sugar dissolves and boil to a thick syrup; strain and bottle. All fruit juices are used in the same manner. When served, allow cupful syrup to cupful ice water.

Mint Fizzle Recipe

Cut the rind of a lemon thin, then into small strips. Squeeze juice of ½ lemon in each glass; add 1 teaspoon sugar; stir until dissolved; fill half up with shaved ice; pour in half ginger pop and half grape juice; place 3 sprigs of mint and 2 pieces of peel in each glass and serve with straws.

Red-Currant Punch

Boil for five minutes 1 cupful sugar and 3 quarts water. Remove from the fire, and, while the sirup is still hot, dissolve in it 1 pint red-currant jelly. Add 3 lemons and 3 oranges, sliced thin. Set on ice until chilled and serve in glasses partly filled with crushed ice.

Tutti-Frutti Punch Recipe

2 quarts water
1 pound sugar
Grated rind 2 lemons
Grated rind 4 oranges
Juice from the lemons and oranges
24 Malaga grapes
2 slices tangerine oranges
4 slices pineapple
1 banana
1 pint Maraschino cherries

The special characteristic of the above recipe is found in the Maraschino cherries, which give a peculiar zest to the punch. Boil five minutes 1 quart of the water and sugar; add the grated rinds of the lemons and oranges and continue boiling for ten minutes longer. Strain the syrup through cheese cloth and add 1 quart cold water. Extract the juice from the lemons and oranges, strain, and mix with the grapes, cut in half and seeded, oranges, pineapple, sliced banana, and the Maraschino cherries with their liquor, the cherries being halved. Serve from a punch bowl in which a cube of ice has been placed.

Sparkling Lemonade Recipe

36 lemons
3 pounds granulated sugar
6 oranges
1 pineapple
1 box strawberries
4 quarts carbonated water

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and remove the pips. Put it into the punch bowl with the sugar and stir until dissolved. Slice the oranges, shred the pineapple, hull and wash the berries; then add them all to the lemon juice. Put a large cube of ice in the punch bowl. Just before serving, add the carbonated water, which has previously been chilled.

Cider Eggnog Recipe

To each quart of cider allow 4 eggs. Beat the yolks until they assume the consistency of cream, Beat the whites to a stiff froth. Stir together the cider and beaten yolks and sweeten to taste. Stir in half the beaten whites and season slightly with grated nutmeg. Stand on ice until cold. Serve in punch glasses with a teaspoonful of the meringue on top of each glass.

Mint Ale Recipe

Juice 5 lemons
1 ½ cup sugar
dozen stalks and leaves of bruised mint
2 bottles ginger ale

Mix the lemons and sugar together; when melted, place in a punch bowl with the bruised mint, and when the bowl has been half filled with cracked ice, add the ginger ale.

Chocolate Syrup

(To use for making cool drinks)

2 ounces chocolate
2 cups boiling water
2 pounds sugar,
2 tablespoon Mexican vanilla

Put the chocolate in a double boiler and let it melt gradually, stirring occasionally. Add the sugar and water. When thoroughly dissolved, strain and add the vanilla. Bottle and keep in a cool place until wanted. A tablespoonful added to a glass of iced water or charged water makes a delicious cool drink in a moment or two. Or pour a few spoonful of it in a cocktail glass over shaved ice and cover with sweetened whipped cream for an afternoon-tea delicacy. With boiling water and whipped cream it makes a cupful of hot chocolate without a moment’s delay.

Old Colonial Mint Cup Recipe

1 bunch fresh mint
6 oranges
2 lemons
½ ounce pulverized gum arabic
cupful cold water
1 cup sugar
Whites of 2 eggs

Steep mint in sufficient hot water to extract the flavor, adding the juice of the oranges and lemons. Dissolve over hot water the gum arabic, soaked in cold water for twenty minutes, add the sugar and cook until it spins a thread; pour this boiling hot upon the stiffly beaten whites of eggs, beating until cold and smooth. Stir in the strained mint flavoring and fruit juice. Dilute to the required strength with carbonated water and serve in tumblers containing finely cracked ice, garnishing each portion with lemon peel and sprigs of mint.

Lemonade Recipe

2 cups sugar
1 quart water
3 cups lemon juice

Boil the sugar and water fifteen minutes, then add the fruit juice. Cool and, if too strong, add a piece of ice to dilute it.

Ginger Punch Recipe

2 cup sugar
2 quarts water (1.8 liter)
1 pound ginger (cantonginger or ginger root)
1 cup orange juice
1 cup lemon juice

Pour the water over the sugar and add the ginger, which has been cut coarsely in a meat chopper. Boil for twenty minutes, add the fruit juice, and strain. Allow it to cool, then pour over a piece of ice in a punch bowl.