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How to Make Sunny Side-up Eggs

How to Make Sunny Side-up Eggs
Sunny side up eggs are fried on one side (unturned), with the yolks golden and runny. Follow the step by step below on how to fry an egg Sunny side up Style.
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How to cook Sunny Side-up Egg

How to Make Sunny Side-up Eggs

15-30g (1/2-1oz) butter, lard or bacon fat; or 1-2 tablespoons of lard for every four eggs.
Salt and pepper (to taste)

1. Always use the right pan for cooking eggs. The best pan for making fried eggs is a heavy iron cast skillet or nonstick pans.

2. Heat an oil, lard/bacon fat or butter in the frying pan (Only if your’re not using a nonstick pan, skip the oil part if using non stick). You’ll need just a little to coat the pan––this is one of the secrets to getting the yolks to cook just right. Bacon fat is good to make tasty fried eggs.

3. Heat the oil until it is hot enough to make a sizzle sound. To make perfectly fried eggs, you should wait for the edges to be cook and the whites become opaque.

4. Break the egg gently so that it breaks in half. Hold it over the frying pan as you break it, and let it gently drop into the hot oil. Immediately lower the heat and do the remaining cooking over low heat.

If you have problem in cracking eggs, crack each one into a bowl, check for shell fragments, then pour into the pan, one egg at a time.

5. Same with with additional eggs, just make sure to space them far enough apart so that the whites don’t touch. It takes practice and you’ll be able to keep the yolk centered within the white. You could also use an egg ring instead, which will keep the eggs nice and round and separate.
Or you may also let the whites go together and separate them after they’re cooked by slicing with a spatula or knife or slice it using the egg ring.

Optional: Using a spatula or spoon, you may spread out the whites around the yolk to help them quickly cook into thinner layer.

6. Add little butter, or seasoning over the top of the eggs for added flavor. Although this addition is optional, it does rev up the taste and texture of the sunny-side egg!

When to put salt? The addition of salt and pepper at start of cooking stage is suggested by chef Michael Romano. However, other chefs disagree and suggest to put salt at the end of the cooking stage. They cited to the tendency of eggs to lose moisture and to turn rubbery if added during cooking. Salt may also cause the eggs to cook unevenly. It is up to you, and see which process you agree with – salt during or after cooking.

7. You may also use a clear cover or lid. It can accelerate the cooking time at around 3 minutes but be careful to avoid overcooking the yolks. If you cover the pan, the top of the eggs including the whites and yolk gets cooked and turns opaque and firm, rather than translucent and slimmy.

8. Cook the eggs until the whites and yolk reach your ideal consistency. Normally this means that the whites are firm and the yolk is thick but not firm. (its up to your personal preference or the people you are serving, I make sure the eggs are fully cooked for my toddler years back). To check the consistency of the yolk, shake the pan gently and see how the egg jiggles.

Another cooking style is to cook the egg for one minute covered, then remove the pan from fire wirhout removing cover. Then wait 3-5 minutes and let it cook over residual heat. It is cooked when the eggs are opaque.

To make sure to kill any possible bacteria, the eggs need to be cooked at a temperature of 140ºF (60ºC). At this point, the whites are completely opaque, and the yolks are thick, but the center may still be runny. If the eggs don’t reach this temperature, there is a risk of food poisoning.

9. Turn-off the heat. Use a spatula and slide it gently under each egg, and transfer into a warmed serving platter. A warmed palte helps maintain the warmth of the fried eggs.

10. Serve and enjoy while warm with warm toasted bread (the toast are normally use to wipe the remains of the yolks on the plate just like a sauce) It is best to prepare all other menu before cooking the sunny side-up eggs. So you can serve it warm.

Other Serving style: Serve it over with fried rice, grits, or corned beef hash with your favorite sauce.

How to Make Sunny Side-up Eggs
How to Make Sunny Side-up Eggs
How to Make Sunny Side-up Eggs