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Cheese Butter Egg Sandwich

Cheese Butter Egg Sandwich
Cheese Butter Egg Sandwich

Cheese Butter Egg Sandwich


2 eggs + pinch of salt, beaten
2 tbsp butter (or margarine)
6 slices of quick melt cheese (or any processed cheese)
4 slices of bread, (Gardenia)


1. In a large non stick pan, melt butter and tilt the pan to spread out butter.
2. Toast the bread on each side until slightly brown.
3. Remove the bread and add the beaten egg. Tilt pan to spread out evenly. Cook over low heat
4. Add the 4 slices of bread on top of the semi cook egg and place the 3 slices of cheese on the right side (upper and lower) bread.
5. Fold the right side bread (upper and lower) to sandwich the right side bread.
6. Turn over to cook both side of the bread.
7. Slice diagonally in the center. Serve and enjoy!

Easy, Simple and so yummy!

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