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Ube Langka Kalamay Recipe

Ube Langka Kalamay
Ube Langka Kalamay is a kalamay rolled in ube purple yam and jackfruit strips drizzled with lots of Latik. Its very sticky and the flavor is bursting in every bite. My photo was not perfect, but all I can say is that, its perfectly delicious.

Ube Langka Kalamay Recipe


  • 500g glutinous rice flour (GRF)
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 can (400g) coconut cream/milk (about 2 cups)
  • 2 cups Cooked Purple Ube Yam Paste, for filling (or any ube halaya)
  • 1 bottle Kayumanggi Jackfruit Langka, for filling and toppings
  • For Latik:
  • 1 can coconut cream (or 2 cups coconut milk/kakang gata)

Materials Needed: Cling wrap & foil

*If using fresh coconut milk, first and second piga.
*You can buy ready-made ube sold in llanera or plastic tubs. You may alternatively use Purple Yam paste, available in Shopee/Lazada.


  1. Make Coconut Latik: In a large kawali, pour in 1 can coconut cream, bring it to a boil and simmer for about 30 minutes or longer until it becomes oil and pulp. Just use medium to low heat and keep stirring until milk turns into coconut oil and small bits of coconut pulp comes out. Turn off heat, separate latik from coconut oil and set aside for later use.
  2. In a large bowl, combine glutinous rice flour and sugar. Mix it well, then add in coconut milk. Mix it well with a large spoon until it becomes a dough-like texture.
  3. Transfer into a greased container or pahiran ito ng maigi ng coconut oil, (big round llanera or any steamer safe container) spread it out evenly and steam over high heat. Steam for about 1 hour or until the kalamay becomes almost shiny and transparent-like texture. You need to steam it more if the texture still looks opaque and unevenly cooked. (or parang chalk white pa ang texture)
  4. After steaming, check if it’s well done in the center (make sure, wala ng puti puti or hilaw na side). Do a taste test, if masarap na lasa. It’s done.
  5. Let it cool slightly (just warm to touch). Place a foil on the sheet pan and grease it really well to prevent the kalamay from sticking to the surface. Transfer the kalamay into the rectangular tray/sheet pan.
  6. Place a cling wrap on top of the kalamay dough and flatten it out with a rolling pin. Roll up and down, then roll the pin on both sides. Your goal is to shape it into a rectangular shape.
  7. Once the kalamay is flattened out evenly, you start adding the ube filling, spreading it out as a second layer to your kalamay. Then place a line of langka on the bottom part. Lift the foil underneath and roll it tightly just like a log. Only remove the foil when you’re ready to serve it. You can re-steam it just before serving.
  8. Grease your knife with latik oil and slice it into serving pieces. Best served while hot. Top it generously with latik and langka strips on top. So yummy!

Cooking Notes:
My kalamay is a bit messy in form, because I immediately removed it from foil. Regardless, super sarap niya at yummy!

The sheet pan photo with ube and langka, the malagkit dough is still chalk white.. I had to re- steam it after rolling for another 30 minutes. That’s why I suggest, fully cooked na agad bago mo iroll with the filling.

(Steam it with tight cover, Im just showing how it looks like) Outside it looks cooked.. but make sure to check the center.. if its still chalk white, you need to steam it longer.