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How to Cook Rice (Instant Pot)

Hey guys, I just recently bought my Instant Pot (Duo) at the last 11.11 sale. I am so happy that I got some freebies and discounts when I bought it online from the Instant Pot Philippines, official store. Follow my journey here in Mama’s Guide Recipes, as I discover more recipes using my Instant Pot for different recipes. For now, let’s begin with the very basic cooking. How to cook Rice using an Instant Pot.

If this is your first time to use the Instant Pot. Please take time to READ the Instant Pot Duo USER MANUAL from page 1 up to the last page. It is very important that you read it before starting to cook using Instant Pot. I am not gonna be liable to any mistakes you might not know. This recipe is just a basic sharing of my experience. I am not an expert nor connected to Instant Pot.

How to Cook Rice (Instant Pot)


  • 4 rice cups raw jasmine rice
  • 4 cups water


  1. Using the “Stainless Steel Inner Pot”, add 4 cups of raw rice. Wash the rice and drain the water thoroughly. Do it twice.
  2. Add 4 cups of water (use the same rice cup you used to measure the rice). Water ratio is 1:1 if you’re cooking a different amount of rice.
  3. Using a hand towel, wipe the bottom of the pot until dry.
  4. Transfer the steel pot on the heating element.
  5. Place the lid on top and position the lid at 2:40 clock position. Turn the lid to close position (going left). You should see the embedded word on top of the lid that says “CLOSE”.
  6. Once done make sure the power chord is properly attached to the pot and safely plug it in.
  7. Turn the “Steam Release Handle” and point it to the “Sealing” position (marked on top of the lid)
  8. It will beep a sound, and you will see a Led display “OFF”
  9. Press the button “RICE” on the upper right corner of the control panel. Wait for a few seconds before it will respond.
  10. 00:12 number will show up on time.
  11. After a few seconds, it will change the led display to “AUTO”. You’re good to go, you can leave all the cooking job to Instant Pot.
  12. After some time, it will beep another sound, with a time display of 00:12. You will see the float valve is up (the small white circle beside the steam release handle), it means there is pressure inside.
  13. Then after 00:12 it will beep again and it will show the L 00:00 timer.
  14. It’s time for you to steam release the extra pressure inside the pot. Using a spoon (never use your bare hands for safety precautions), pull up/turn the “steam release valve” to the “Venting” position marked on top of the lid. A strong hissing air will come out from the handle (so make sure there is open/free space on top of the lid for venting). Just leave it venting until there’s no more air coming out.
  15. You will see that the float valve is down. and no more air coming out from the “steam release handle”. Press the button Cancel in the control panel to turn off the pot. Remove the plug.
  16. You can now turn the lid to “OPEN” position. And open the lid gently and away from you.
  17. There you go, your very first Instant Pot cooked rice. Serve it warm and enjoy!

How to Cook Rice (Instant Pot)
How to Cook Rice (Instant Pot)
How to Cook Rice (Instant Pot)