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Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry Iced Tea

If you have lots of strawberries, why not make them a healthy refreshing drink on hot summer days? Its easy peasy..and great for the whole family.

Strawberry Iced Tea Recipe


  • 3 cups water in pot
  • 6 Tea Bags
  • 1 Cup sugar
  • 7 Cups of water in a pitcher
  • 1 Lemon juiced
  • ½ Lime juiced (1 tbsp calamansi)
  • 1 lb. of fresh Strawberries, hulled and chopped
  • 1 cup fresh hulled strawberries, for garnishing 


  1. Boil 3 cups of water in a pot. Add tea bags and just simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes. Turn off heat and strain teabags. 
  2. Mix a cup of sugar in the tea while it is very hot.
  3. Put the strawberries in a blender or food processor. Blend for about 45 seconds.
  4. Prepare a 2L liter beverage glass jar with a dispenser, and fill it with 7 cups of water. Then, add the tea mixture and stir thoroughly. Fill your tea with the strawberry puree. Also, the juice from lime and lemon. Mix it well. 
  5. Adjust sweetness and garnish with fresh hulled strawberries on top.
  6. Serve it chilled and add ice cubes on serving glasses. Enjoy!