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Winter Melon Milk Tea

Post Views: 39,341 What is Winter Melon Milk Tea made of?  Winter Melon is starting to gain fame as a favorite beverage. Did you know that Kundol or in english known as Winter Melon is actually a vegetable? Yes.. you heard it right.. Winter Melon or “Kundol” is a vine-like flowering plant which bears “fruits”… Continue reading Winter Melon Milk Tea

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Homemade Milktea Recipe

Post Views: 265,761 Delicious Homemade Milk Tea Recipe, quick and easy to make. You can use the sachet ingredients or even make it natural by using fresh brewed coffee and cocoa powder. Nevertheless, this is absolutely refreshingly creamy! Business tip: You can also sell it in your neighborhood with black pearls, or sago, nata de… Continue reading Homemade Milktea Recipe

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Pearl Milktea Recipe

Post Views: 35,130 Wanna make your own Milktea? But please don’t use the ready made powders, they are not healthy I think. Why not make your own freshly made milk tea. All you need is just tea, milk, and pearls. As simple as that..Create your very own flavors at home and add some chocolate powder,… Continue reading Pearl Milktea Recipe

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Bangus Ala Pobre Recipe (Using Marinated Milkfish of Dagupan)

Post Views: 6,028 This boneless marinated Bangus (Milkfish) of Dagupan is perfect. But since this is the second time I’m eating this Bangus. I am going to cook this Bangus in bistek style a.k.a. Bangus ala Pobre. But I am not using calamansi because I ran out of Calamansi. I’m using a light version of… Continue reading Bangus Ala Pobre Recipe (Using Marinated Milkfish of Dagupan)

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Hokkaido Milk Bread

Post Views: 20,093 These rolls are fluffy, pillowy soft Japanese Hokkaido style milk bread. Bake it today with this simple recipe. It’s a perfect make ahead bread because they stay soft for days! You gotta try these Japanese Milk Bread rolls. This method does not use the tangzhong roux method. If you live in Hokkaido,… Continue reading Hokkaido Milk Bread

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Condensed Milk Donuts

Post Views: 52,752 You got to try these condensed milk twisted donuts. Its milky, creamy, sweet and soft. Your kiddos will go crazy with these delicious freshly baked donuts! Condensed Milk Donuts INGREDIENTS: ½ can of condensed milk1 egg⅓ cup of oil⅔ cup of warm water or room temp1 teaspoon dry yeast (10g)½ kilo of… Continue reading Condensed Milk Donuts

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Oreo Chocolate Milkshake

Post Views: 158,243 When life gives you Oreos. What special can you make? Make some Oreo Chocolate Milkshake! Everyone loves it! Oreo Chocolate Milkshake INGREDIENTS: 4 teaspoon chocolate syrup8 Chocolate OREO Cookies, divided1 cup milk (evaporated milk or fresh milk or nonfat milk)2 cups vanilla ice cream, softened Whipped cream, toppings INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Crush the… Continue reading Oreo Chocolate Milkshake

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Maja Blanca with Milk Powder

Post Views: 442,043 Maja Blanca with Milk Powder is a silky smooth Maja Blanca recipe ever. It’s because of the milk powder. It sure has made a believer out of me for this is the the best recipe for Maja Blanca with outstanding result. The creamy milk powder and buko juice made it super delicious!… Continue reading Maja Blanca with Milk Powder

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Post Views: 90,362 Have you tried the matcha flavored puto yet! For the matcha will definitely enjoy this japanese flavored puto. Happy cooking and enjoy your Matcha puto. MATCHA PUTO (Green Tea) Servings: 2 dozens (medium size puto cups) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups All Purpose Flour, sifted 2 tbsp Baking Powder, sifted 2 eggs, beaten… Continue reading MATCHA PUTO (Green Tea)

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GARLIC BANGUS ALA JOLLIBEE (Boneless Milkfish Belly)

Post Views: 30,982 This crispy garlic bangus is served with delicious homemade Teriyaki sauce . It is loaded with toasted garlic with sweet teriyaki sauce. A yummy Filipino breakfast to start any day.  GARLIC BANGUS ALA JOLLIBEE (Boneless Milkfish Belly) INGREDIENTS:2 pcs. boneless Milkfish belly, sliced (daing na bangus)3 tablespoon Mirinsalt and ground black pepper… Continue reading GARLIC BANGUS ALA JOLLIBEE (Boneless Milkfish Belly)

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Milky Chocolate Marble Puto

Post Views: 32,260 Milky Chocolate Marble Puto INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cake Flour 1 cup all Purpose flour 1 1/2 cup evap 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 tbsp. baking powder (I used calumet) 1/4 tsp. Baking soda (optional/kahit wala) 3 tbsp. melted Dairy Creme (or margarine or oil) 3 eggs 1 tsp. Vanilla 2 tbsp Hershey’s… Continue reading Milky Chocolate Marble Puto


Brioche (Milkless Bread)

Post Views: 11,390 This Brioche (Milkless Bread) is an airy soft and buttery bread. Perfect with any of your favorite spread, cheese or jam. Bake it fresh today for breakfast or afternoon snack. Happy baking! Serves: 2 loaves of bread Brioche (Milkless Bread) INGREDIENTS: ⅓ cup warm water (about 43°C/110°F)2 ¼ teaspoons active dry yeast… Continue reading Brioche (Milkless Bread)

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GINATAANG PUSO NG SAGING (Banana Blossoms in Coconut Milk)

Post Views: 25,443 GINATAANG PUSO NG SAGING (Banana Blossoms in Coconut Milk) Quick and easy vegetable recipe that Filipinos love. Try this: Ginataang Puso ng Saging or Banana Blossoms stewed in creamy coconut milk with shrimp. So tasty and yummy partnered with steamed rice.  GINATAANG PUSO NG SAGING INGREDIENTS: 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 small… Continue reading GINATAANG PUSO NG SAGING (Banana Blossoms in Coconut Milk)

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Iced Green Tea Latte (with Black Pearls)

Post Views: 12,982 You can’t go wrong with an Iced Green Tea Latte (with Black Pearls)or also known as Matcha Latte Ice.. my favorite. It delicious, nutritious and refreshing.  This recipe is only for one serving.. triple the ingredients for 3 servings.  Makes 1 Serving ICED GREEN TEA LATTE (With Black Pearls)  INGREDIENTS: 1 ½… Continue reading Iced Green Tea Latte (with Black Pearls)

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Post Views: 40,697 This Buttermilk Fried Chicken is delicious! But wait where can I buy the Buttermilk in the Philippines? Don’t worry though.. If you can’t get your hands on a buttermilk, here is the best alternative I use: 1 cup milk with 1 tablespoon vinegar. Combine together and let sit for 5 minutes to… Continue reading BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN

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Maja Blanca with Powdered Milk

Post Views: 25,325 This one is a silky smooth Maja Blanca ever. It’s because of the powdered milk. It sure has made a believer out of me for this is the best recipe for Maja Blanca with outstanding result. Maja Blanca with Powdered Milk INGREDIENTS: 4 cups thin coconut milk2 cups buko juice1 cup powdered… Continue reading Maja Blanca with Powdered Milk

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Chicken Fried Steak 

Post Views: 29,408 A good old chicken fried steak recipe served with mashed potato, onion rings and gravy on top. Alternatively you can add chopped pieces of sausage into the gravy to add more flavor. Drizzled with chopped fresh herbs like parsely. Thats yummy! If the recipe is too large, just prepare half of the… Continue reading Chicken Fried Steak 

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Old Fashioned Steamed Bread Pudding

Post Views: 8,980 Delicious, easy to make and affordable. This is for the budget conscious! Bread Pudding is usually baked, which you may still do (at 325°F). Nevertheless, it’ll come out delicious if you choose to steam or just bake. (When you baked it though, you’ll also get a yummy browned crust on top. You… Continue reading Old Fashioned Steamed Bread Pudding


Steamed Yema Cupcakes

Post Views: 230,910 These Steamed Yema Cupcakes are the best recipe for 2017. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing one of of our best love cupcake of the year rhat doesn’t require baking. Just steaming..and if you love yema..this is Awesomely delish! Steamed Yema Cupcakes Recipe Yield: 24 cupcake size Ingredients: 1… Continue reading Steamed Yema Cupcakes

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Cream Cheese Leche Flan (Steamed)

Post Views: 116,112 This Cream Cheese Flan Recipe is smooth and creamy and cooked over a steamer! Yes, no need for an oven..and it is so much perfect than the oven. Makes 6 servings Cream Cheese Leche Flan (Steamed)  INGREDIENTS: For the Caramel: ¾ cup white sugar For the Cheese Flan: ½ cup granulated white… Continue reading Cream Cheese Leche Flan (Steamed)

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Post Views: 18,106 “It’s always my choice to use coconut milk or evaporated milk, all purpose cream or even heavy cream in Pininyahang Manok. I’m completely partial to dishes prepared with “gata”. Because that’s our granny’s all time favorite ingredients in most of their recipes. I think it’s yummier and that’s just my opinion.” PINEAPPLE… Continue reading PINEAPPLE CHICKEN WITH COCONUT MILK


IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes

Post Views: 15,217 IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes, what a way to start the morning with these pancakes. If you’re looking for something delish for breakfast. IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes is scrumptious with slices of fresh strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s food heaven! IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe INGREDIENTS 1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 large… Continue reading IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes

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How to make Black Pearl Sago

Post Views: 32,949 Do you want to make your own black pearls sago because of the pandemic or quarantine? Napaka dali lang mga mommies! Try this recipe, it’s simple, economical and easy to make. You save more money and you can also use it for your milk tea business or any refreshments for summer. Happy… Continue reading How to make Black Pearl Sago

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Morisqueta Tostada

Post Views: 63,250 Morisqueta Tostada is a quintessential Filipino-Chinese recipe everybody loves back in the old days. Most specially in Manila where there are lots of Chinese restaurants back in the days of our lolo’s and lola’s (granny’s). Here’s a breakfast combo you may want to try with Morisqueta Tostada. Breakfast of Champions combo:Morisqueta Tostada,… Continue reading Morisqueta Tostada

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Taisan Recipe

Post Views: 537,715 Taisan Cake recipe is a kind of Filipino soft chiffon cake that melts in your mouth. It is so light, buttery and yet not too sweet. Upon serving, it is brushed with melted butter on top, lavishly sprinkled with sugar and grated cheese. Sounds perfect right? But taste perfect too! This Taisan… Continue reading Taisan Recipe

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Pineapple Biscuits Recipe

Post Views: 641 These cute little balls are Pineapple Biscuits. It is the sister version of Pineapple Tarts. The Pineapple jam balls are enclosed in a crusty biscuits shaped like yellow golf balls just like the color of pineapples. Yummy and great to store in small canister for gifts, afternoon tea, snacks or even for… Continue reading Pineapple Biscuits Recipe

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Banana Smoothie Recipe (9 Reasons to make one each day)

Post Views: 384 9 Reasons to Make One Banana Smoothie in a day Rich in minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium and magnesium. A source of healthy calories, fibre, and protein Works as an energy booster because it is high in complex carbohydrates which gives our body a good supply of glucose. Can help you… Continue reading Banana Smoothie Recipe (9 Reasons to make one each day)

Appetizers Recipe Collections (Hors d’oeuvre)

Post Views: 256 A remake and compilations of Appetizers from old cook books. I am going to bring you back recipes from the Jazz Age or also known as the Golden Twenties (1920’s). Some of the best tried and tested recipes we can definitely remake from the past. Re-develop these ideas into something better and… Continue reading Appetizers Recipe Collections (Hors d’oeuvre)

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Ube Pan de Sal with Cheese Recipe

Post Views: 5,408 Fresh from the oven, warm and crusty bread. Pan de Sal is a favorite Filipino bread for breakfast usually partnered with margarine and hot brewed coffee. This Ube Pan de Sal however is just another reinvented flavor. It’s a fusion of the Pan de Sal and my favorite root crop for many… Continue reading Ube Pan de Sal with Cheese Recipe

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Strawberry and Cream Cake Pockets Recipe

Post Views: 3,087 These strawberry and cream cake pockets are like pancakes but soft as a sponge cake. Folded to shape like a half moon and a favorite dessert in Korea specially during the season of strawberries. So many resto and pastry shops serve strawberries as desserts like strawberry cakes, cookies, milkshake, lattes or even… Continue reading Strawberry and Cream Cake Pockets Recipe