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Orange Upside Down Cake

Post Views: 345 Simple and uncomplicated, nice and quick too. This recipe is the most basic and easiest way to make an upside down cake. It is so yummy! Enjoy and happy baking! Orange Upside Down Cake INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Notes: If you are using an electric oven, please use a lower temperature than prescribed in… Continue reading Orange Upside Down Cake

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Baulo (Tausug Delicacy)

Post Views: 606 Baulo is a traditional Tausug treat that was borrowed from Malaysian food. They refer to it as baolo, baulo, or bahulu. The flavor has a distinct twist and is somewhat reminiscent of french madeleines. You may give it a tiny fruity touch by adding Royal Tru Orange or Fruit Juice to make… Continue reading Baulo (Tausug Delicacy)

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Mango Bravo Cake (Recipe ala Contis)

Post Views: 3,186 This Mango Bravo Cake recipe ala Contis is a tower cake made from layers of meringue, chiffon, chocolate mousse, crushed cashew nuts and fresh ripe mango cubes, covered with Whipping cream and drizzled with columns of chocolate syrup. The most celebrated cake of Contis Bake Shop.  If you enjoy baking, check this… Continue reading Mango Bravo Cake (Recipe ala Contis)

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Chinese Scallion Pancakes 

Post Views: 952 It is a Chinese flatbread that is savory and unleavened. It is not created from batter like Western pancakes; rather, it is formed from dough. It is pan-fried, giving it chewy texture and crunchy edges. It’s yummy and easy to make! Chinese Scallion Pancakes  INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: Cooking Notes: You can prepare the… Continue reading Chinese Scallion Pancakes 

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Strawberry and Cream Doughnuts

Post Views: 732 This summer, while enjoying a cup of coffee, live a little and indulge your sophisticated palate with these delectable doughnuts. Its heavenly delicious…. If making the donuts takes a long process for you, here’s the shortcut! Just buy sugar donuts outside and just use the filling recipe. Easy peasy..satisfied cravings. Yield: 10… Continue reading Strawberry and Cream Doughnuts


Chunky Chocolate Cookies

Post Views: 783 If you love cookies and loves to bake cookies once a month, this recipe is for you! Just prepare the cookie mix in advance, and bake it anytime you like..its easier because all you need to prepare are the wet ingredients! Please note: this cookie mix should be kept in dry, sterile… Continue reading Chunky Chocolate Cookies

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Ham and Cheese Empanada

Post Views: 2,878 Super yummy Ham and Cheese empanada for Business. Patok at swak na swak na merienda for everyone to munch. Try it today! (English and Filipino Cooking Instructions provided below). 35 pieces small empanada  Ham and Cheese Empanada INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS: (Filipino Version Instructions) PARAAN: YOU MAY ALSO TRY OUR:

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Yogurt Cake Recipe

Post Views: 1,565 This Yogurt Cake is so fluffy and soft, it doesn’t even contain any oil or even butter. Yes, its very soft just like a Japanese Cheesecake! It is so yummy, just sprinkle with powdered sugar and garnish it on top with any favorite fresh fruit like strawberry. Yogurt Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS:… Continue reading Yogurt Cake Recipe

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1948 Recipe: Betty Crocker Fresh Orange Chiffon Cake

Post Views: 1,395 Found a copy of a good old recipe that was published in Ladies Home Journal (newspaper) around 1948. Thought some of you might be curious. Check it out below: THE WORLD’S MOST GLAMOROUS CAKE: Betty Crocker Chiffon It’s the first really new cake in 100 years! “Beginner Easy to make, it’s “perfect,… Continue reading 1948 Recipe: Betty Crocker Fresh Orange Chiffon Cake

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Hopiang Baboy Recipe

Post Views: 2,660 Hopiang Baboy or Chinese Pastry with Pork Flavoured Filling – is a widely available inexpensive treat or snack popular in the Philippines which is somewhat alike to moon cake. One of the famous brands of our local Hopia I know is “Tipas Hopia”.  Also known as Bakpia in Indonesia which means meat… Continue reading Hopiang Baboy Recipe