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Corn Muffins Recipe

Post Views: 39,703 This corn muffins recipe is just like Kenny Roger’s corn muffins. Its easy to bake, simple and delicious! Kids will surely love this healthy and simple afternoon snack. Happy baking! Corn Muffins Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup corn oil 1/2 cup sugar 1/3 cup honey 2 pcs eggs 3/4 cup milk 1 cup… Continue reading Corn Muffins Recipe

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How to Make your own Goldilocks Mamon

Post Views: 27,993 How to Make your own Goldilocks Mamon yummy, fluffy, soft and delicious! Recipe also comes with Simple Yema frosting. Super yummy! How to Make your own Goldilocks Mamon INGREDIENTS:½ cup salted butter, whipped until very light1 cup unsifted cake flour6 tablespoon extra fine sugar (blend in blender until almost powdery)½ teaspoon baking… Continue reading How to Make your own Goldilocks Mamon

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Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream

Post Views: 63,713 These Blue velvet cupcakes are a sure hit. Velvetylicious with Buttercream Icing! Don’t missed out on these, bake it today. Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream INGREDIENTS: Cupcakes: 2 ½ cups cake flour 1 ½ cups sugar 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 2 large eggs, at… Continue reading Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream

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Mini Brownie Butter Cake Recipe

Post Views: 8,515 Mini Brownie Butter Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS: Brownie: 140g (5oz) Dark Chocolate (broken into pieces) 50g (¼ cup) Butter 50g (¼ cup) Brown sugar 1 Egg 35g (¼ cup) All purpose flour Butter cake: 120g (½ cup) Butter 100g (½ cup) Sugar (I reduced by 1 Tbsp) 2 Eggs 120g (1 cup) All purpose… Continue reading Mini Brownie Butter Cake Recipe


Oreo Brownie Cupcakes

Post Views: 19,600 These Oreo Brownies Cupcakes is made from a brownie mix and oreos, you may use Ghirardelli Brownie mix or any brownie mix you have plus the ingredients required in the brownie box. This Brownie Cupcakes are topped with buttercream frosting. Its definitely a must try dessert for everyone! Yield: 12 brownie cupcakes… Continue reading Oreo Brownie Cupcakes

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Malunggay Cupcakes

Post Views: 29,650 Moringa Oleifera Flavored Cupcakes or Malunggay cupcakes are healthy and nutritious. Malunggay is recognized by most experts as the most nutritious food in the world, with most of its benefits stored in the small green leaves of this tree.  Scientific research can prove that malunggay leaves has many health benefits because it contains seven… Continue reading Malunggay Cupcakes


Steamed Yema Cupcakes

Post Views: 236,563 These Steamed Yema Cupcakes are the best recipe for 2017. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing one of of our best love cupcake of the year rhat doesn’t require baking. Just steaming..and if you love yema..this is Awesomely delish! Steamed Yema Cupcakes Recipe Yield: 24 cupcake size Ingredients: 1… Continue reading Steamed Yema Cupcakes

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La Torta de Argao

Post Views: 87,427   La Torta de Argao is made of flour, sugar, egg yolks, lard and tuba (sweet, fresh coconut sap or wine), the Torta of Argao has its origins way back to the Spanish colonial era of the Philippines. The people of Argao used the tuba as it is more available than yeast… Continue reading La Torta de Argao

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Coffee Buns Recipe

Post Views: 72,412 Coffee Buns or otherwise known as Mexican Buns, its crazy good! You have to try it, its easy to make. Happy baking! Coffee Buns Recipe INGREDIENTS: A. Filling: 50g salted butter, cut into 8 small cubes. (Keep them in the fridge until ready to use). B: Coffee Topping: 1 large egg, beaten… Continue reading Coffee Buns Recipe

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How to make Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake

Post Views: 104,995 Learn How to make Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake! From now on cravings for Brazo de Mercedes is easy peasy. Your favorite classic Brazo de Mercedes is now in cupcakes. These Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes are easy to make, compared to the traditional log cake. These cupcakes are oven baked. A few readers… Continue reading How to make Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake