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Post Views: 27,233  What is tangzhong? It is like the “secret ingredient” which originated from Japan. It makes the bread soft and bouncy. It’s a kind of “flour paste” or water roux starter. To make a flour paste, cook 1 part of bread flour in 5 parts of water to 65°C. Its all natural and… Continue reading Tangzhong

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Post Views: 19,293 HOW TO MAKE MOLO OR WONTON WRAPPER Universaly it is known as Wonton wrapper. While here in the Philippines, we call it Molo wrapper. This recipe is a simple recipe of homemade wonton wrapper for siomai. However, if you want to make it as a business, you can also sell these molo… Continue reading HOW TO MAKE MOLO OR WONTON WRAPPER

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What is Lye Water (Lihiya)

Post Views: 144,165 What is Lye Water and How to make your own Lye Water?  Lye water (or Lihia sa tagalog) is a Food Enhancer Concentrate made from an alkaline strong liquid or a potassium carbonate solution.  In the Philippines, Lye water is used in different “Kakanin” recipe or Native Filipino Desserts such as Pichi-pichi,… Continue reading What is Lye Water (Lihiya)