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Loading…  What is tangzhong? It is like the “secret ingredient” which originated from Japan. It makes the bread soft and bouncy. It’s a kind of “flour paste” or water roux starter. To make a flour paste, cook 1 part of bread flour in 5 parts of water to 65°C. Its all natural and easy to… Continue reading Tangzhong

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Loading… HOW TO MAKE MOLO OR WONTON WRAPPER Universaly it is known as Wonton wrapper. While here in the Philippines, we call it Molo wrapper. This recipe is a simple recipe of homemade wonton wrapper for siomai. However, if you want to make it as a business, you can also sell these molo wrappers. HOW… Continue reading HOW TO MAKE MOLO OR WONTON WRAPPER

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What is Lye Water (Lihiya)

Loading… What is Lye Water in Cooking? If you can’t find Lye water in your place and you’re looking everywhere just to find one. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Lol In this discussion, I will answer all your question in layman’s terms plus a couple of pictures to guide you and possibly where to buy… Continue reading What is Lye Water (Lihiya)