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Loading… This crab lollipop recipe is definitely a hit! You can also mix it with grounded prawn meat as an extender. For the sauce, you may prepare sweet chili sauce, sour cream or any dressing for your dippings. What a crabs-tastic appetizer! HOW TO MAKE CRAB LOLLIPOPS INGREDIENTS: 20 small crab claws, cooked2 large egg,… Continue reading HOW TO MAKE CRAB LOLLIPOPS

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Sweet Chili Crabs Recipe

Loading… These Sweet Chili Crabs looks so yummy and definitely taste so good. Super spicy hot crabs with a touch of sweetness. Finger lickin good seafood at its best. You’re going to crave for it for so many days, and finaly one day you’ll be able to cook it. Don’t ever missed out on this… Continue reading Sweet Chili Crabs Recipe

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Singapore’s Black Pepper Crab

Loading… Black Pepper Crab is one of the second most popular crab recipe served in Singapore aside from the famous Chilli crabs. This Singapore’s Black Pepper Crab recipe is hotter because of the black pepper that gives an extra kick. Singapore’s Black Pepper Crab Ingredients 4 blue swimmer crabs 250 ml (1 cup) vegetable oil 35… Continue reading Singapore’s Black Pepper Crab