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Eggche Flan Recipe

Loading… Eggche flan is an absolute Easter Sunday sweet treats – it’s the creamy leche flan inside an egg! For some it is more known as custard pudding or creme caramel. These egg shells are filled with leche flan or custard pudding inside. So egg-ziting! Great for party, give aways and dessert. Great Easter Sunday… Continue reading Eggche Flan Recipe

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Leche Flan Special Recipe

Loading… Leche Flan Recipe The secret to making a perfect leche flan This Leche Flan Special Recipe is the traditional way of cooking Leche flan. So smooth, creamy and delicious, just like our grand mothers leche flan. Although there are numerous versions of this recipe. Nothing can beat the Filipino style recipe of Leche flan.… Continue reading Leche Flan Special Recipe

Leche flan

Brazillian Flan

Loading…   Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 2 cans (28 oz) sweetened condensed milk 10 oz. milk 2 eggs plus 1 yolk Instructions: Food Advertising by For the Sugar Caramel: Add the sugar in your Llaneras or Moulding Pan. Start melting it over low heat until it turns thick in texture and colors becomes caramel. It… Continue reading Brazillian Flan

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Coconut Flan

Loading… COCONUT FLAN RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 1 can of condensed milk (Alaska) 1 cup of coconut milk (you can also use fresh milk) 6 whole eggs 1 cup grated/desiccated coconut 1/4 cup sugar to make the caramelized sugar Food Advertising by INSTRUCTIONS: 1. In a bowl, mix the beaten eggs with the coconut milk, condensed milk… Continue reading Coconut Flan

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Powdered Leche Flan

Loading… Budget Friendly (approx worth 14 pesos) Trending sya now sa mga ka-MGR facebook group. 😁 Wag po icompare ang worth  14 pesos na leche flan sa special na pure egg yolks. iba ingredients nito kaya iba rin lasa nito sa special. But according to many…masarap rin naman sya. Ingredients: 2 Whole Eggs (lahat kasama… Continue reading Powdered Leche Flan

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Leche Flan ng Kapampangan (Duck Eggs)

Loading… The traditional Kapampangan leche flan is made of duck egg yolks and carabao’s milk. It is silkier because of the milk and tastier because it offers a unique taste that chicken egg yolks cannot provide. Duck egg yolks are creamier than chicken egg yolks, it has large yolk size and it contains more fats… Continue reading Leche Flan ng Kapampangan (Duck Eggs)

Leche flan

Orange Leche Flan

Loading… Or also known as Flan de Laranja  Ingredients: Caramel sauce: 1 ½ cups of sugar 2 cups of water Flan: 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 1 1/3 cups of orange juice 5 eggs 1 tsp Orange rind Fresh orange, garnish Food Advertising by Instructions: Caramel sauce: 1. Melt the sugar (under low heat)… Continue reading Orange Leche Flan

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Leche Flan (Using Egg Whites)

Got some left over egg whites from baking? Why not try making some Leche Flan using just pure egg whites! Yes, they taste just like any egg yolks leche flan. Just add calamansi to remove that fishy taste of egg whites. But over all, I must say they are equally delicious. Estimated time of preparation… Continue reading Leche Flan (Using Egg Whites)

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How to Make a Smooth Leche Flan

How to make a smooth to perfection Leche Flan? And how to unmold it without any chips on the side..with it full glorious perfect shape? I highlighted the words that you need to take note to get your desired result. Ingredients: 395 grams condensed milk (1 can) 1 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk) 10… Continue reading How to Make a Smooth Leche Flan

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Jelly Flan with Fruit Cocktails

This jelly flan with fruit cocktails taste like leche flan! Affordable, easy to steaming needed! You only need to cook it for a few minutes and voila..all you need to do is chill it. Ideal for a homebase business for moms at home. Some friends I know already started earning from selling Jelly Flan… Continue reading Jelly Flan with Fruit Cocktails