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Baklava Recipe

Loading…   Sometimes its ok to indulge in one of our special Mediterranean sweet treat recipe. Its a golden layers of pastry, spiced nuts and fragrant syrup flavoured with cinnamon, cloves, with orange blossom water and rose water – Armenian Style. Now.. who doesn’t love the swooning moment of biting into a fresh baked baklava?… Continue reading Baklava Recipe

Puff Pastry

Cream Puffs with Whipped Cream (Windbeutal)

Loading… “The Cream Puffs are made with a choux pastry and then filled with whipped cream. These puffs taste delicious. Cream Puffs are called Windbeutel in Germany.” Ingredients for Pastry * 1/2 cup sweet unsalted butter * 1/4 cup water * 1/2 cup flour * 1/8 tsp salt * 2 large eggs Ingredients for Filling… Continue reading Cream Puffs with Whipped Cream (Windbeutal)

Cake, Bread and Pastries · Desserts · Pastries · Puff Pastry

Creme Puffs with Custard Filling

Loading… These cream puffs are absolutely tasty, filled with creamy satiny smooth custard filling. Enjoy and happy baking!  Cream Puffs with Custard Filling INGREDIENTS:Pastry Puffs:1 cup water¼ tsp salt½ cup Butterfresh margarine1 cup all purpose flour4 eggs Custard Filling:¼ cup custard powder (Puratos brand)2 cups (625ml) milk (fresh milk/or evap)2 tablespoon sugar1/2 cup condensed milk1… Continue reading Creme Puffs with Custard Filling