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Homemade Basic Tomato Sauce Recipe

Post Views: 502 If you have lots of extra ripe tomatoes in your pantry. Prepare your sterilised jars and lets make some Homemade Basic Tomato Sauce you can use for any of your recipe. Freeze and thaw whenever you need it. It’s yummy and all natural! Yes its very easy! But please dont put fresh… Continue reading Homemade Basic Tomato Sauce Recipe

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Shrimp Oil Recipe

Post Views: 1,299 If you’re wondering how else can you use shrimp heads and shells.. no worries! You can fry these scraps in the oil and turn into savoury oil which you can use into any of your dishes to enhance the flavor. Where Can I use the Shrimp Oil? Shrimp Oil Recipe INGREDIENTS: INSTRUCTIONS:… Continue reading Shrimp Oil Recipe

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Salted Egg Spread Recipe

Post Views: 3,000 In China, some will use Sea duck eggs for their Salted Eggs*. Ideally, for best delicious result, it is preferred to use duck eggs to get the best rich red orange yolk. These duck egg yolks have higher yolk content, fats and cholesterol than regular chicken egg yolks (so they are creamier).… Continue reading Salted Egg Spread Recipe

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Garlic Aioli Sauce Recipe

Post Views: 7,319 A simple delicious all around Aioli Sauce for garden salad, French Fries, crab cakes, fish tacos, chicken, seafood, fish fillet, Mojos, Chicken Cordon bleu..or even for your cheese burger. Its creamy yummy and its a perfect add on to any plain crispy fried food you have on the table. Enjoy! Garlic Aioli… Continue reading Garlic Aioli Sauce Recipe

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Honey Garlic Sauce

Post Views: 5,524 Quick and easy Honey Garlic Sauce, specially good for any grilled or crispy fried chicken wings, pork chop, fried shrimp or meatballs. So yummy, try it! Honey Garlic Sauce Recipe INGREDIENTS: 2 cups chicken broth  ½ cup brown sugar  ¼ cup honey  ¼ cup soy sauce  6 cloves garlic, crushed  1 teaspoon… Continue reading Honey Garlic Sauce